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5 Websites That Help You Make Extra Money from Home

The opportunities to make money at home are really endless, and I thought I’d create a short list to demonstrate the variety of sites that are out there that allow people to work from home. You can use these websites to make some extra money after your day job, work just enough to pay for your groceries each week (and, if you’re like me, this only takes $20!) or you can dive right in and make a hodge-podge, unique, slipper-footed freelance career out of it like I did. Anyway, here are some sites to get you started:

Note: Before you go crazy cutting back your hours at Olive Garden, or giving your boss the finger and running out of your cubicle laughing manically, make sure you have a stable computer, a decent internet connection, and a PayPal account (this is how you’ll get paid for online work).

  1. Taskmitigator: Are you a whiz at editing? Great at graphic design? A social networking pro? Can you draw awesome caricatures of dogs from photograph? Whatever your talent is, there’s a place to sell your work or ideas on this “microjob” site. You can price your work at anywhere from $7 to $100. Plus earn extra money when you refer your friends and family to the site…just have them mention your name after you’ve set up an account.
  2. Zilok: If your anything like me, you probably have power tools in the shed that get used only once a year, an extra DVD player gathering dust in the closet, and a guitar lounging around that would get more use as a wall decoration. At this site, you can set a price to rent those little-used or extra items out to people in your area. Legal contracts are provided on the site.
  3. Istockphoto: If you love taking photographs, you can submit them to this site for people to purchase as stock photos for their websites, blogs or magazines. You don’t need a camera that costs more than the mortgage, either, a decent digital camera from the local electronics store can take some great shots that will add up to some serious moolah.
  4. Ebay: When it comes time to pare down the contents of your wardrobe, book collection or entertainment center, Ebay is still a great place to quickly sell unwanted items. Simply take a decent photo, and list the item at a set price or as an auction lasting anywhere from 24 hours to 7 days, depending on how quickly you need the cash.
  5. Etsy: If you’re a crafty, or are an artisan of any sort, Etsy is a great place to sell your wares and get you a lot more word-of-mouth than the local craft show. Sell anything from beaded jewelery creations to knit Pittsburgh Steelers scarves to hand-carved wooden mirrors, as long as it was made by you.

And remember, be patient! It takes time to build an online audience/presence and make some real cash…whatever site or method you choose. I’ll be back later to add to the list…


How to Make Money at Home (in your pajamas!)…Part One…Taskmitigator

Since I quit working a “traditional” job in the big, bad world outside of my home, people are always asking me: “HOW can you make enough money at home to survive?”

Keep reading, because in this series of posts I’m going to outline some of the better companies I’ve come across that will allow you to stay in your pajamas and work from home! Whether you just want to make some extra cash, or you’re dying to flee your day job forever, there are some great companies/websites out there to help you do just that!

I know if you’ve spent years out there in the trenches, it’s hard to believe that it’s possible to have the luxury of sitting on the couch with your laptop on the coffee table and your dog by your feet, but the truth is there are a lot of great websites out there that can really help you “bring home the bacon”.

Working from home is an especially tempting idea if you have kids. Spend a few minutes with a calculator and add up what you spend on childcare, gas money/transportation fees, parking costs, professional clothing, lunches out and your daily $4 coffee from Starbucks, and THEN see what your real “wage” is after you’ve deducted all these expenses. Working from home allows you to completely cut out most of these money-drainers, and gives you more time spend with your kids, your dog or your pajamas and slippers.

I use a variety of methods/websites to make money at home. My primary focus is on content writing and editing for various websites and clients, but trust me when I say that no matter what your talents are, there is a place for you to make money on the internet!


This is a great site I started working with recently, and I’d like to start with them because no matter what your profession or talent, you can find a way to make money from it on this site!

Ever hear of the “microjob” site Fiverr, where people post “gigs” they are willing to do via the internet for only $5? Taskmitigator is sort of like that, except (and HUGE bonus!) you can set a price for your work yourself and charge anywhere from $7 to $100! Here are some more details:

  • With categories like Advertising, Writing, Translating, Music, and Graphics and Design, this is a great place for anyone to find work (example: I offer to write content articles for people’s websites). I’ve even heard of people making money reading Tarot cards, giving tips and hints for video gaming, etc. Endless possibilities here…
  • It’s quick and easy to register…simply create an account, upload a photo, and describe and price your “gig”.
  • Payment is made securely via PayPal (if you don’t have a PayPal account yet, and plan on working from home, sign up for one pronto…it’s very simple!)
  • The customer service/support team on this site is EXTREMELY helpful and friendly.
  • Taskmitigator also pays you to refer your friends and family to this site…now that’s easy money.

Click here to learn more about them or to sign up for an account…it only took me 24 hours to get some jobs from this site!

Has anyone else had success working with this company? Leave a comment below!

And look for my next post in the “Make Money from Home” series, coming soon…