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How To Find Amazing Treasures at Thrift Stores/Garage Sales/Flea Markets and Clearance Racks (for pennies!)…My Favorite Finds This Month!

Hand-Beaded pillow cover from India. I found it in a resale shop for $1. Amazingly intricate and colorful!


It’s amazing what you can find at a garage sale or a thrift store…and how cheaply you can slowly uncover some fantastic accessories to make your house more your home, no matter what your decorating tastes…

This gorgeous cherry-wood box is actually a photo album (and is in brand-new condition). Instead, I use it to store loose CDs and DVDs that we've burned off the internet. Cost: $1.50

My home decor is VERY eclectic. It’s a bizarre blend of bohemian/Moroccan/Indian/vintage/traditional/retro hodge-podge of items that I absolutely ADORE. And so it works for me!

Wooden vintage swimsuit adverisement...goes GREAT in my retro kitchen...It's large enough for the smaller wall, and I only paid $1 at a thrift store.

My friends and I sometimes go scouting the garage sales/thrift stores/clearance racks on weekend mornings when the sky is still hazy and the sun is still forgiving,  to see what treasures we can uncover for pennies. I always wear a comfortable cotton sundress or an outfit that’s barely a step away from pajamas. It’s soooo important to be sublimely comfortable during these treasure hunts because they take time. Sometimes you have a rough idea what you are looking for, and sometimes you have no clue until it’s right under your nose. This makes the process so much more special to me. I love that it’s taken YEARS for my apartment to come together the way it has…our home is constantly EVOLVING.  And, I can honestly say, I’ve received nothing but compliments over the years on my “unique” decorating style…and people always say that my home is so “me”. Sometimes they study objects like they are pieces in a museum. This makes me happy, because I have never paid retail price for one item in our house…most of it was acquired very inexpensively, and some of it was even free.

I collect Moroccan lanterns...they are all over my house...just found these for $5 each on clearance at Marshall's (a designer discount/overstock store)

Every item I own has a story. Strange places, other countries, fascinating previous owners. If you choose to decorate and acquire household items this way, you will have some great conversation pieces!

None of my dinner plates “match”, but they “groove” together very harmoniously! 🙂

I originally planned to use this as an ashtray, but it's just too will work great on the table to catch loose change and keys! Only 50 cents.

And isn’t that the ultimate goal of decorating a home? So that  it reflects who you REALLY are on some inexplicable subliminal level… and after it’s done you justice in that respect, it’s also goes the extra mile and is pleasing to the eye and touch?

I find functional things too! These super heavy-duty KitchenAid spoons match my retro red kitchen perfectly, looked to be brand-new, and were found at a garage sale for 25 cents each.


Have you found anything good at garage sales/flea markets/thrift-stores lately?? I’d love to hear about it!! I get all warm and fuzzy inside when I hear about treasures people have hunted down…Indiana Jones has been my hero since I was a kid! 🙂