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My Haul from Giant Eagle, Rite Aid and K-Mart…about $30 spent for around $150 worth of goodies!

Some meat/cheese products not pictured…

Whew! What a night at the stores (with Mike wanting to strangle me the whole time…I finally sent him to Home Depot to buy himself a wrench, or a clamp…or something…).

Haven’t quite figured out the exact details yet, but I spent around $30-$35 for what I’m estimating to be around $150 worth of product (retail). This is after sales, promotions, Catalinas, register coupons, and Rite Aid rewards that I received back were factored in. I also got some Saving Star money back, but haven’t figured that into the total yet, which would make it a buck or two cheaper.

Rite Aid

  • 3 Pledge Multi-Purpose cleaners
  • 2 Lysol disinfectant wipes


  • 16 rolls of Sparkle paper towels
  • 2 Brut deodorant
  • 2 Sure deodorant
  • 2 Rite Guard body washes
  • 1 bag of dog treats (free with coupon in K Mart’s monthly ad)
  • 3 bottles of Purex detergent
  • 2 Soft Scrub cleaners
  • 1 Glade plug-in

(I’m new to the whole K-Mart coupon game (it is kind of confusing/infuriating!), but once I master the ins and outs I will be posting the best deals here on the blog, because with their doubling of $1 coupons, in-store register coupon deals, freebie coupons, and $5 gift cards, you can score some MAJOR free/cheap goodies here! But my total there should have been less if I’d done the deals correctly. I’ll figure it out and get back to you.)

Giant Eagle

  • 6 boxes of Totino’s pizza rolls
  • 2 Green Giant Seasoned Steamers Veggies
  • 1 box of Super Pretzels
  • 6 cans of Red Pack tomatoes (assorted varieties…yeah homemade sauce!)
  • Package of 14 chicken patties (Mike looooves these when he wants to munch late night…)
  • 4 Suave Shampoos

Shop n Save (forgot I made a quick stop there!)

  • 2 bags of Fresh Express salad mix
  • 3 boxes of Hamburger Helper (They still have selected varieties available for $1 if you still have some 75 cents/3 coupons laying around…I did!)
  • 3 bags of shredded cheese
  • Case of Mountain Dew cans (grrrr…no sale, no coupons…but Mike doesn’t drink coffee and he needs something to wake himself up in the morning…)
  • 2 packages of Chips Ahoy! cookies (there was a Facebook $1/1 coupon, making these 88 cents each, but it’s gone now, I checked for you guys) 😦
  • 2 lb Pork Sirloin roast (my freezer is already bursting at the seams with cheap chicken/ground meat, but we love pulled pork from the Crock Pot, and it was only $1.79/lb)

I think I got it all!! Anybody else have any great coupon halls this week? Tell us about it in the comment section below…


What’s For Dinner? Super-Cheap Ground Meat, Chicken, Pasta and Potato Recipes (Based on Sales and Coupon Matchups 9/6-9/14)

Listed below are a few new recipes designed to utilize the best grocery deals that were available starting yesterday.

I was especially excited about these finds, and did some internet sleuthing to find a few new dinners to cook in the upcoming days:

  • Ground Chuck $1.99/lb (at Shop ‘n Save)
  • 10 lb bag of potatoes $1.98 (at Shop ‘n Save)
  • Helluva Good Cheese, multiple varieties, 8 oz, $1 (at Giant Eagle, with coupon)
  • Ragu Pasta Sauce and  Giant Eagle brand Pasta $2.25 for 2 jars and 1 box of pasta (Giant Eagle, with coupon)
  • 3 lb bag of boneless, skinless Chicken Breasts $5…or $1.34 to $1.67 per lb ($4 if you got them last week, at Shop ‘n Save)
  • Skippy Peanut Butter $1.69 (at Giant Eagle, with coupon)

These are recipes utilizing two or more of these great deals (these will all feed four people for under $5…some for WELL under $5…and don’t be afraid of substitutions/omissions on the ingredients…make it work with what you already have!)

Happy Cooking!!

A Few (Awesome) Shop n Save Deals…9/6/12-9/7/12…2 Day Sale!!!

Hi friends!! There are a few GREAT deals at Shop n Save…and this is the last day to get them! Below are just a few of my favorite deals, those that I consider “stock up for the zombie apocalypse/eventual economic downfall of America” good buys. 😉

  • Ground Chuck is only $1.99/lb (haven’t seen it this low in about a year…stock up!)
  • 10 lb bag of potatoes is only $1.88 (Holy Crap! If you have the space, store them. I’ve been looking up potato recipes like crazy…this is a really great price on these).
  • Amish Classics American or Swiss Cheese is $2.98/lb (even if you usually buy the generic Kraft-style packaged slices, you’ll still make out on this deal…a pound is just about equivalent to two packages, and the quality is far superior).
  • Sugardale Ham/Honeysuckle Turkey Breast from the deli is $2.98/lb (Mike did a Turkey Happy Dance)
  • Domino Sugar is only $1.99 for a 4 lb bag...print out this coupon for 75 cents off 2 Domino Sugars (which will double) and get some shuga for only $1.25 per bag when you buy two.
  • Select Hamburger Helpers…only $1 per box! There have been several coupons in past newspaper inserts (I’ve been slacking, so I’m not sure of the dates…they are 75 cents off 3 though, plus they double), but you can also print your HH coupons here.
  • Hillandale Bagels and Cream Cheese are only $1
  • Get a super-duper big container (I try to keep these around for my fiancee) of On-Cor Chicken Patties (I believe 14 in a package) for only $4. That’s only around 28 cents per patty!! Cheap lunch!
  • Xtra Laundry detergent is only $1.99
  • 3 lb bags of boneless, skinless chicken breasts are $5. But hopefully you stocked up a couple of weeks ago when they were only $4. If not, still not a bad price!!

$1 off Sunbird Seasoning Packet (make your own Chinese take-out!) Free at most stores, Money-Maker at Wal Mart!

Yay! We love using Sunbird’s seasoning packets to make super-yummy General Tso’s Chicken at home for only a couple bucks, rather than spending five times as much for takeout! (They have tons of other delicious varieties as well!)

This $1/1 Sunbird Seasoning packet will get you some FREE at most grocery stores, and may even make you a quarter at your local Wal Mart, depending on regional prices.

It can be found under zipcode 90210 on, and the site will allow you to print it twice!

Great New Printable Coupons That Will Score You Free Stuff!! Reach Floss, Fiber One, Stayfree, Visine and More!!

Just found some awesome new printables that will get you some free (or super cheap) goods for your stockpile!

All these coupons can be found at, under zip 15085.

  • 50 cents off any Carefree Product (will get you free panty liners at Rite Aid this week!)
  • 50 cents off any 2 cans of Dole fruit (wait for the next sale, and pounce!)
  • $2/2 Reach Toothbrushes (watch the drugstore ads for the next few weeks, and nab some free toothbrushes, or hit up your local Wal-Mart for ultra-cheap toothbrushes now!)
  • $1/1 Stayfree Product (When I find this coupon, it almost always leads to free pads at Rite Aid within a month. Stock up!!)
  • 75 cents off any one Fiber One Cereal (Fiber One is one of the participating products, along with Hamburger Helper, that will score you an instant $5 off when you buy $20 worth of said products. Combine this with the Hamburger Helper coupons and buying strategy I’ve mapped out in my previous post, and score super-cheap breakfast and dinner in one swoop!!)
  • $1 any Reach Floss (this can be used on a small or travel sized product, making it FREE, FREE, FREE at Wal-Mart or Target, even without a sale!)
  • $2 off any Visine Product (Combine this baby with a sale, and say hello to clear, white eyes on the cheap.)

Check out the other coupons while you’re there…many more great printables depending on your grocery needs! Most will allow you to print them out twice. Happy Shopping my friends!!

Shop ‘n Save 2-Day Sale…3 lb Bags of Chicken Breasts Only $4…Some Easy Recipes for You!!

So many things you can do with a chicken breast!!

This Thursday and Friday at select Shop ‘n Save stores around the Pittsburgh area, 3 lb. bags of chicken breasts are on sale for only $4…which works out to around $1.33/lb. Not a bad deal at all!! I recommend a stock-up, as these bags normally go for $5 each, even when they are on super-sale like this!!

But what to make with all of that chicken breast??

First, if you’re buying in bulk, you’ll want to wrap the breast tightly in 1 lb portions (or whatever portions make sense for your family when cooking a meal). Even in the bag, chicken can become freezer burnt when you are taking pieces of chicken out randomly to cook meals, and you may not be sealing the bag properly….better to wrap your portions in saran wrap and then aluminum foil…then add a sticker with a date on it, so you know when to toss chicken that has exceeded it’s expiration date.

Most of these recipes are pantry-friendly, meaning you don’t have to run to the store to buy five “what the heck is that?’ ingredients.

Anyway, some great recipes using chicken breasts from all over the web, including a site dedicated to the picky-palates of children (featuring…you guessed it…chicken breast recipes)!!

  • Smothered Chicken Breasts ( Love bacon?? Try this recipe…
  • Candied Chicken Breasts ( If you love that sweet, tangy, tropical flavor, this one’s for you…
  • Chicken Parmigiana ( Bobby Flay’s famous recipe…you’ll find you probably have most of the ingredients in your pantry/refrigerator!)
  • Barbeque Chicken ( Straight from the Neely’s recipe repertoire…instructions for the grill, and for the grill-less…
  • Mustard Chicken ( This recipe is for a whole chicken cut into sections, but this can easily be translated into several breast portions. Straight from Paris, France, this recipe simple to make, yet leaves a complex, satisfying taste on the palate. Impress your friends and neighbors!!
  • Chicken with Crispy Panko Coating ( Fans of the South, rejoice! Mayonnaise, mustard, and fried chicken breasts are given an Asian twist with Panko bread crumbs. It’s finger-licking’ good!!
  • Kid-Friendly Chicken Breast Recipes (Grandparent’s Cafe) FOR KIDS!! This page contains several “kid-tested, parent-approved” chicken breast recipes, if you have picky wee-ones!!

Have a great chicken breast recipe you’d like to share?? PLEASE leave a comment and let me know about it!! (I’m always looking for new recipes!)

And don’t forget to subscribe to the blog if you don’t want to miss out on any deals!! They will be delivered straight to your e-mail inbox for FREE!!

Great Stockpile Deal on Hamburger/Tuna Helper at Shop ‘n Save (Pittsubrgh area) starting 1/5!

Starting Thursday the 5th, Shop ‘n Save has Hamburger/Tuna/Chicken helper on sale for only $1 per box!

And when you buy $20 worth of Hamburger Helper (and/or some other participating products) you will receive $5 off instantly!

Add some great coupons into the mix, and you’ve got a great deal to stock up on Hamburger Helper!

Here’s a few places to find Hamburger Helper coupons:

So friends, that should get you enough coupons clipped/printed to get a great deal! Depending if your Shop ‘n Save doubles internet coupons, you may want to get your hands on as many clipped coupons as possible, especially since they are of a greater value when doubled!! Shop ‘n Save also imposes restrictions on how many “like” coupons you can use in one transaction, so you may have to do a combination of the clipped and printed coupons.

In a best case scenario, if you purchase 20 HH’s for $1 each, and use 4 75 cents off coupons (doubled), and use 3 80 cents off (doubled, hopefully, every store is different), you’re looking at 20 Hamburger Helpers for:

  • $10.80, after doubled coupons
  • minus instant $5 savings
  • $5.80 for 20 Hamburger Helpers!! or around 25 cents a box!!

Even if your store won’t double the printed coupons, you’re still getting a great deal!! Probably around 50 cents a box, 75 cents a box worst case scenario.

FYI: Giant Eagle also has Hamburger Helper for $1 a box this week, and while they aren’t offering the $5 instant savings, they will double internet and clipped coupons, so you may want to find what’s a better deal for you depending on your local Shop ‘n Save’s coupon policies!!

Let me know if you have success with this, and I’ll let you know how my Shop ‘n Save handles the deal!!