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My Haul from Giant Eagle, Rite Aid and K-Mart…about $30 spent for around $150 worth of goodies!

Some meat/cheese products not pictured…

Whew! What a night at the stores (with Mike wanting to strangle me the whole time…I finally sent him to Home Depot to buy himself a wrench, or a clamp…or something…).

Haven’t quite figured out the exact details yet, but I spent around $30-$35 for what I’m estimating to be around $150 worth of product (retail). This is after sales, promotions, Catalinas, register coupons, and Rite Aid rewards that I received back were factored in. I also got some Saving Star money back, but haven’t figured that into the total yet, which would make it a buck or two cheaper.

Rite Aid

  • 3 Pledge Multi-Purpose cleaners
  • 2 Lysol disinfectant wipes


  • 16 rolls of Sparkle paper towels
  • 2 Brut deodorant
  • 2 Sure deodorant
  • 2 Rite Guard body washes
  • 1 bag of dog treats (free with coupon in K Mart’s monthly ad)
  • 3 bottles of Purex detergent
  • 2 Soft Scrub cleaners
  • 1 Glade plug-in

(I’m new to the whole K-Mart coupon game (it is kind of confusing/infuriating!), but once I master the ins and outs I will be posting the best deals here on the blog, because with their doubling of $1 coupons, in-store register coupon deals, freebie coupons, and $5 gift cards, you can score some MAJOR free/cheap goodies here! But my total there should have been less if I’d done the deals correctly. I’ll figure it out and get back to you.)

Giant Eagle

  • 6 boxes of Totino’s pizza rolls
  • 2 Green Giant Seasoned Steamers Veggies
  • 1 box of Super Pretzels
  • 6 cans of Red Pack tomatoes (assorted varieties…yeah homemade sauce!)
  • Package of 14 chicken patties (Mike looooves these when he wants to munch late night…)
  • 4 Suave Shampoos

Shop n Save (forgot I made a quick stop there!)

  • 2 bags of Fresh Express salad mix
  • 3 boxes of Hamburger Helper (They still have selected varieties available for $1 if you still have some 75 cents/3 coupons laying around…I did!)
  • 3 bags of shredded cheese
  • Case of Mountain Dew cans (grrrr…no sale, no coupons…but Mike doesn’t drink coffee and he needs something to wake himself up in the morning…)
  • 2 packages of Chips Ahoy! cookies (there was a Facebook $1/1 coupon, making these 88 cents each, but it’s gone now, I checked for you guys) 😦
  • 2 lb Pork Sirloin roast (my freezer is already bursting at the seams with cheap chicken/ground meat, but we love pulled pork from the Crock Pot, and it was only $1.79/lb)

I think I got it all!! Anybody else have any great coupon halls this week? Tell us about it in the comment section below…


Let The (Cheap) Games Begin! $5 off Coupons for Jenga, Cranium, Catch Phrase, Taboo, and Pictionary…Plus The Infamous “Adult Jenga” Drinking Game…Ideas, Appetizer Recipes, Cocktails and More!

In an earlier post, I told you about my New Year’s resolution, and how I’ve made a sacred vow with myself to take FULL advantage of any fantastic deals throughout the year on any gift-able items that would do well for Christmas (or birthdays, etc.), and build up a kind of “Gift Stockpile” in an effort to save money and avoid holiday-related stress come next December.

The Pictionary game (always a favorite) coupon I shared a link for is apparently just the tip of the game night iceberg…there are also $5 off coupons for Taboo, Catch Phrase, Cranium Brain Breaks and Jenga (which is fairly inexpensive to begin with) on Board games are a versatile gift…they are great to give to both children and adults alike.

$5 off games coupons (can be found under zip 15085) at

These don’t expire til the middle of next month, so you have plenty of time to track down a great sale and score yourself some really inexpensive gifts. And, as I’ve said before, I’ve seen a few of these games for sale at Dollar General, where they accept manufacturer’s coupons.

Red Solo Cup…Let’s Have a Party!!”

Or take a cue from Toby Keith and just get a couple games for yourself, settle down with your honey (or a bunch of friends), whip up a batch Pulled Pork Burritos and have a game night while sipping a few brews! (Hint: if playing with adults, the game of Jenga can be “modified” to include challenges and dares on each tile, so that the person pulling out said tile must complete whatever act is written on it…a VERY fun game if you are having friends over for a few drinks!)

  • Here’s a link with a TON of dares and creative challenge ideas to write on the Jenga blocks if you have, ummm…writer’s “block” and can’t think of anything better than “Player must take a shot of Tequila”. This site also explains the very simple rules of this “adult” truth or dare game of… inebriated dexterity…is that an oxymoron?? 🙂
  • And, while you’re at it, the good folks at have come up with a whole boatload of scrumptious appetizer recipes for parties that will make your game night a hit!
  • And you’ll need something to wash it all down with…and let’s hope that something contains alcohol for a night with friends!! If you’re feeling brave enough to go beyond the keg and the Red Solo Cup (sorry Toby Keith!), check out these boozalicious party concoctions from!! Liquor, beer, wine…they’ve got it all covered in delicious and creative ways…

Have fun leaving the TV behind for an evening!!

$5 off Pictionary Game Printable Coupon…Start Your Gift Closet for Next Christmas Now!!

Check under zipcode 60712, and you can find a coupon for $5 off any Pictionary Game! This is perfect for my New Year’s resolution…to Christmas shop all year long, as I find awesome deals to add to my “gift” closet, so I can enjoy the Holiday season this time instead of stressing-out last minute about what gifts I do and don’t have!!

Games are always a good bet…they’re bound to fit the bill for someone on your list! My sister and I love giving each other board games for Christmas/birthdays and then playing them that same day to add a little more fun to the festivities!

Pictionary is also a sure winner for any child that loves drawing or art.

Or just buy this for you and your honey to have a good old-fashioned game night with some friends, a bottle of Pinot, and a nice Paella this Friday night!!

And since this is an oldie but goodie, it can often be found at discount stores (such as Dollar General) that accept coupons, so you can probably snag it for a song if your timing is right!!

Give my New Year’s resolution a try and see how quickly you can build up a stockpile of affordable and awesome gifts this year! I’ll be letting you in on any great deals that I find along the way…

$5 off Pictionary Game (

Great New Printable Coupons That Will Score You Free Stuff!! Reach Floss, Fiber One, Stayfree, Visine and More!!

Just found some awesome new printables that will get you some free (or super cheap) goods for your stockpile!

All these coupons can be found at, under zip 15085.

  • 50 cents off any Carefree Product (will get you free panty liners at Rite Aid this week!)
  • 50 cents off any 2 cans of Dole fruit (wait for the next sale, and pounce!)
  • $2/2 Reach Toothbrushes (watch the drugstore ads for the next few weeks, and nab some free toothbrushes, or hit up your local Wal-Mart for ultra-cheap toothbrushes now!)
  • $1/1 Stayfree Product (When I find this coupon, it almost always leads to free pads at Rite Aid within a month. Stock up!!)
  • 75 cents off any one Fiber One Cereal (Fiber One is one of the participating products, along with Hamburger Helper, that will score you an instant $5 off when you buy $20 worth of said products. Combine this with the Hamburger Helper coupons and buying strategy I’ve mapped out in my previous post, and score super-cheap breakfast and dinner in one swoop!!)
  • $1 any Reach Floss (this can be used on a small or travel sized product, making it FREE, FREE, FREE at Wal-Mart or Target, even without a sale!)
  • $2 off any Visine Product (Combine this baby with a sale, and say hello to clear, white eyes on the cheap.)

Check out the other coupons while you’re there…many more great printables depending on your grocery needs! Most will allow you to print them out twice. Happy Shopping my friends!!

It’s a Great Week for Bargains!! 10/20 and 10/16 Coupon Matchup Preview

It’s a great week for deals at supermarkets and drugstores!!!

I’ll be back later with the specifics, but this week we can look forward to:

  • MAKING MONEY by purchasing Cover Girl cosmetics and Gain laundry detergent at Rite Aid!!
  • FREE Puff’s tissues at Shop  n’ Save
  • Cheap, cheap cheap Revlon at Rite Aid
  • Ground Chuck for only $1.89 at Giant Eagle
  • A FREE rotisserie chicken from Shop n Save when you buy 10 Knorr rice or pasta sides (on sale for $1, I’m searching for a coupon to make this deal ‘da bomb!)
  • Super-cheap Lysol wipes/cleaners
  • Heidi Klum’s new Shine perfume (it’s super yummy!, just tried a sample!) for around $2.50 from Rite Aid, full size!! Great Christmas Gift idea!
  • Some great deals on bedding from Target and Wal Mart if you’re changing your bedroom look for winter!!
  • And much more!!

Check back late tonight or tomorrow for where to find the coupons to score these super sweet deals! I’ll see you soon!!

Coupons for Magazines? Magazine-Addicts Take Heart! There Are Ways to Get Cheap (and even free!) Magazines!!


I am a notoriously thorough couponer. An insanely diligent circular reader. I REFUSE to pay more for something that I know I can buy for 20 cents less if I just take the time to drive two minutes down the road to a different store. I work grocery store promotions for free milk and bread and cheap gas when they offer Catalina coupon deals. I diligently research sales and use multiple coupons on items at drugstores so I never have to pay for shampoo or hair-dye or Excedrin (which I need to cure my headaches form all the eye strain brought on by all my diligent sales research on the computer). I collect and print coupons for department and retail stores and shop the clearance racks to get free dresses and jewelry. I roll my own cigarettes (yes, I KNOW it’s not healthy to smoke!!) and pay 95 % off the state minimum for a pack of cigarettes. I stockpile when I can get food free, or super-cheap food, and cram it in my ready-to-burst pantry/cabinets or shove it in my freezer (which, incidentally, is starting to resemble that old Nintendo game Tetris…you kind of have to flip and turn the boxes to slide them into the open holes in my puzzle-like freezer). I bake my own brownies and cupcakes and quick breads because I can do it for 99 cents instead of $2.50 (not to mention it’s healthier and tastes MUCH better!).

But all that goes out the window when it comes time for me to stand in front of a rack of shiny, brand-new magazines when I’m waiting in line at the checkout at the grocery store.

Mike tries to stop me. But I won’t listen. I’ll plop down ten bucks faster on an issue of In Style and a Better Homes and Gardens Flea Market Style Special Addition merely ten seconds after I agonized over whether it was worth it to buy a bag of potatoes I knew would cost me $1 less the next week. I often have to spend a few minutes clearing the magazines from the dining room table just so Mike and I have a space to sit down and eat our $3.50 pot-roast, homemade mashed-potatoes and fresh garden salad dinner at.

Hi, my name is Jen, and I’m a Magazine Addict.

I HAVE been doing better. Of course, my obvious advice to you ( and I know there are others like me!)  is to get subscriptions to the magazines you pick up regularly from the news stand. You will save TONS of money (often 80%) over news-stand prices!! I’ve lately found a lot of really great subscription deals (ranging from FREE to $7.50 per year) on some of my favorite magazines…and I’ve slowly been signing up for a few of them that I tend to buy every month. Problem is, it usually takes 6 to 10 weeks to receive your first issue, so what to do until then??

My Top Tips For Magazine Addict Relief, When You’re Chewing Your Nails Waiting For Your Subscriptions To Come In

  1. Like I said, I’m not alone. I have friends who are WAY worse than I am with buying magazines at the news stand!! One way to cut back on costs…say you have four friends, and you all read the same magazines. Have each person buy one of the magazines each month, and then trade them with each other. Better to pay $4.99 than $25 each month! I’ve tried this magazine-trade before, and it works very well…magazines can be read and passed on pretty quickly…unlike book-swapping, there isn’t a long waiting time in between different magazines as they’re passed along because magazines tend to be digested quickly!
  2. Sometimes I find, when I’m stuck in an impossibly and agonizingly loooong line at the checkout, that flipping through the magazine while I’m waiting and using the 5 to 10 minutes to read the few things that caught my attention on the cover completely quells my desire to actually pay money for a copy of the magazine. Try it out next time you’re stuck in line behind 3 buggies packed-to-the-rafters with Twinkies, Moutain Dew, and screaming toddlers, a senior citizen moving at a glacial pace as he/she counts out $28.59 worth of nickels and dimes, or an extreme couponer like yourself who is brandishing a stack of coupons roughly the thickness of the book War and Peace. You can get a lot of reading done in these scenarios, and the wait will be much more pleasant.
  3. If you aren’t really TOO concerned with the latest, greatest, up-to-the-millisecond high fashion advice, and just want something entertaining to flip through in the tub/get recipes from/read articles on the can/etc., I HIGHLY suggest visiting your local thrift store/salvation army/flea market/garage sales/etc. I recently got 5 issues of Cosmopolitan (which were only out of date by a few months) for ten cents apiece at my local Goodwill. I was still able to get some great fashion ideas, read some funny articles, and used the still-unopened perfume samples for nights out on the town, so SCORE!!
  4. Some friends have told me that their local doctor/dentist gives them their slightly outdated magazines for free. Next time you’re in for a root canal…ask for your Novocaine with a side of Women’s Day and Good Housekeeping!!
  5. Remember a thing called the Library? Check it out, they have magazines there as well as books, DVDs, CD’s, and Audio Books!
  6. Sometimes I’ll use my leftover +Ups (Rite Aid) or Register Rewards points (Walgreens and CVS) or Catalina coupons (Giant Eagle) to get myself a free magazine instead of using it to get a few dollars more in groceries. Shhhh…don’t tell Mike! 🙂
  7. Sometimes nothing will do but a fresh, glossy,uncreased magazine to take home from the store and call your own. Unbeknownst to many, there are actually COUPONS for magazines hiding out on your favorite printable coupon sites like and These coupons are usually always there, forgotten amidst all the food/beverage/beauty product printables. I use them pretty much every week…I’ve gotten $2 off In Style, People, In Touch, Real Simple and more. Like I said before, a subscription is the frugal way to go, but if you’re waiting for your subscriptions to come in, or you just can’t help yourself, here are a couple I’m using this week…print ’em out ladies, I understand!! (I have even seen a couple in the coupon inserts in my Sunday paper).

And, what to do with all those magazines when you’re through with them?? Believe it or not, there are a ton of crafty, amazingly chic-looking things you can do with torn-out,  rolled-up magazine pages…i even saw some baskets for sale at a store recently…I almost purchased one until I realized what it was and that I had enough raw magazine material to make 25 of them for next to nothing…it was that cute! Anyway, if you need inspiration, check out this article:

  • Top 10 Recycled Magazine Crafts (  I REALLY love the bowl idea…it looks great and would be a wonderful catchall for keys/loose change/receipts/etc. as you walk in the door!

That should hold you over my friends. And get yourself a Reece’s Peanut Butter Cup or a Dove Chocolate Bar while you’re standing there waiting to check out to go with your shiny, new (discounted) magazine. Just don’t forget to use a coupon!!

What’s your best money-saving strategy on magazines and other impulse buys at the grocery store? I’d love to hear some new ideas…leave a comment in the box below, or click the link at the start of the post to leave a comment!!