For Smart Couples…Forget the Recession! Learn how to pay 1960's Prices for everything from salad dressing to dressing up for a night out!

Why Read Frugal for Two?

Hi and Welcome to Frugal for Two!!

Spend your money on what you REALLY want, not what you THINK you need!

(This is kind of the running motto around here!)

How would you like to learn to:

  • Prioritize your wants (a new DVD every week, or a week exploring some amazing tropical location when vacation time rolls around?)

  • Learn to save BIG on the small things (food, clothes, bills, nights out, etc.) so you can put your money where your REAL passion is (a new house, a trip around the world, your dream wedding, etc.)

  • Pay down any super-scary debt you may have without having to eat Ramen Noodles every night?

  • Live more simply so you can enjoy the things you have, instead of being miserable longing for the things you can’t afford?

  • Get in on “Not-So-Extreme-Couponing” (c’mon…do you really need 200 bottles of mustard?) so you buy food and toiletries for pennies or FREE without having to rent out a storage unit for a massive stockpile you’re never going to be able to utilize in your lifetime?

  • Cook at home more often, and cook from scratch most of the time, but not spend HOURS in the kitchen. A few helpful Frugal Approved kitchen gadgets can help you learn to do just that…we regularly spend only $20 on our groceries (for two, and the occasional dinner guest) every week, and I work full time outside the home, and part-time from home, so I’m not slaving over a hot stove all night!

  • Save your spare change and pay for your weekly groceries with it??

  • Be able to go out and eat, have drinks, or explore the town for a fraction of what you’d usually pay?

  • Decorate you apartment/house on the cheap?

  • “Just Say No” to rampant consumerism?

This blog can help you accomplish all that! I’m on a similar journey, so join me on my adventures!

Be Smart...keep it in your pants!!

Hi friends! I’m just your ordinary bartender/freelance writer/wanderlust-ridden gal who is getting ready to be married to The Love of My Life! And we have some BIG plans!!

Awwww…a Frugal Twosome!!

Big Plans require Big Money, so I’d love to share the journey with like-minded people who are trying to save money in an HONEST and REAL way. I’m not couponing and Crock Pot cooking so I can buy the latest and greatest car, but rather so Mike and I can enjoy¬† being debt-free, and also able to follow our life’s passions big and small. A destination wedding, a fixer-upper house, maybe traveling the world for a bit. Priorities are important, and being able to spend a month touring Spain is SO much more rewarding than buying a gas-guzzling SUV to keep up with the Jones’.

The idea to start the blog came when I began to notice (after diligently reading a billion money-saving/frugal/thrifty blogs ALL the time to further educate myself) that I could not find any frugal blogs dedicated to childless couples (Twosomes, as I call them) or single people, or even a small family. Most blogs I read chronicled the challenges of a 4-8 person family, and while a lot of the tips were indeed handy, it didn’t resonate with where I was as an individual or a couple.I wanted a bit more sass and humor, and some money-saving advice tailored for the special challenges a two-person household faces. (like how to stop throwing away food in a bulk-sized package world, and how to spend a night out on the town with friends without breaking the bank.)

SOOOO…I’m starting the blog for all the Singles, Twosomes, and Small Families out there…after all, there’s “Just The Two of Us”, and financial and thrifty advice has a slightly different slant in a family unit of this size.

And don’t worry, just as I’ve gained TONS of helpful information from all the Mommy and Big Family frugality sites out there, readers who can boast a small army of dependents can STILL learn a lot from this blog. And are welcome with open arms.

Stay Frugal,






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