For Smart Couples…Forget the Recession! Learn how to pay 1960's Prices for everything from salad dressing to dressing up for a night out!

In an earlier post, I told you about my New Year’s resolution, and how I’ve made a sacred vow with myself to take FULL advantage of any fantastic deals throughout the year on any gift-able items that would do well for Christmas (or birthdays, etc.), and build up a kind of “Gift Stockpile” in an effort to save money and avoid holiday-related stress come next December.

The Pictionary game (always a favorite) coupon I shared a link for is apparently just the tip of the game night iceberg…there are also $5 off coupons for Taboo, Catch Phrase, Cranium Brain Breaks and Jenga (which is fairly inexpensive to begin with) on Board games are a versatile gift…they are great to give to both children and adults alike.

$5 off games coupons (can be found under zip 15085) at

These don’t expire til the middle of next month, so you have plenty of time to track down a great sale and score yourself some really inexpensive gifts. And, as I’ve said before, I’ve seen a few of these games for sale at Dollar General, where they accept manufacturer’s coupons.

Red Solo Cup…Let’s Have a Party!!”

Or take a cue from Toby Keith and just get a couple games for yourself, settle down with your honey (or a bunch of friends), whip up a batch Pulled Pork Burritos and have a game night while sipping a few brews! (Hint: if playing with adults, the game of Jenga can be “modified” to include challenges and dares on each tile, so that the person pulling out said tile must complete whatever act is written on it…a VERY fun game if you are having friends over for a few drinks!)

  • Here’s a link with a TON of dares and creative challenge ideas to write on the Jenga blocks if you have, ummm…writer’s “block” and can’t think of anything better than “Player must take a shot of Tequila”. This site also explains the very simple rules of this “adult” truth or dare game of… inebriated dexterity…is that an oxymoron?? 🙂
  • And, while you’re at it, the good folks at have come up with a whole boatload of scrumptious appetizer recipes for parties that will make your game night a hit!
  • And you’ll need something to wash it all down with…and let’s hope that something contains alcohol for a night with friends!! If you’re feeling brave enough to go beyond the keg and the Red Solo Cup (sorry Toby Keith!), check out these boozalicious party concoctions from!! Liquor, beer, wine…they’ve got it all covered in delicious and creative ways…

Have fun leaving the TV behind for an evening!!


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