For Smart Couples…Forget the Recession! Learn how to pay 1960's Prices for everything from salad dressing to dressing up for a night out!

Just found some awesome new printables that will get you some free (or super cheap) goods for your stockpile!

All these coupons can be found at, under zip 15085.

  • 50 cents off any Carefree Product (will get you free panty liners at Rite Aid this week!)
  • 50 cents off any 2 cans of Dole fruit (wait for the next sale, and pounce!)
  • $2/2 Reach Toothbrushes (watch the drugstore ads for the next few weeks, and nab some free toothbrushes, or hit up your local Wal-Mart for ultra-cheap toothbrushes now!)
  • $1/1 Stayfree Product (When I find this coupon, it almost always leads to free pads at Rite Aid within a month. Stock up!!)
  • 75 cents off any one Fiber One Cereal (Fiber One is one of the participating products, along with Hamburger Helper, that will score you an instant $5 off when you buy $20 worth of said products. Combine this with the Hamburger Helper coupons and buying strategy I’ve mapped out in my previous post, and score super-cheap breakfast and dinner in one swoop!!)
  • $1 any Reach Floss (this can be used on a small or travel sized product, making it FREE, FREE, FREE at Wal-Mart or Target, even without a sale!)
  • $2 off any Visine Product (Combine this baby with a sale, and say hello to clear, white eyes on the cheap.)

Check out the other coupons while you’re there…many more great printables depending on your grocery needs! Most will allow you to print them out twice. Happy Shopping my friends!!

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