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It’s T-Shirt Tiiiiiiime…

I love shopping JCpenney. They have some great clearance finds, and almost always offer up a promo code for an extra percentage off, or for free shipping.

In my quest to build up my wardrobe basics this year (on a dime), I couldn’t help but notice the awesome sales they are having right now on (good-quality) t-shirts (short sleeve, 3/4 sleeve, and long sleeve). Gotta jump on this deal! You can always spend $4 on a T-shirt that will fall apart after three washes, but when a decent quality T goes on sale, stock up! It will save you $$$ in the long run!

T’s can be worn alone, layered over something, layered underneath about a billion things…they can be casual, they can be all glammed-up, they can be worn to sleep at night…they are probably the most versatile fashion element (except perhaps blue jeans), and they can stand alone with a skirt or some shorts or trousers,  and yet somehow they will be forever linked to the denim phenomenon…

A T-Shirt and Jeans are forever the Ma and Pa Kettle of American Fashion Lore…

And WHO could live without these fashion innovations??

St. John's Bay V-Neck Tee for Only $4...comes in MANY more colors and sleeve/neckline options!!

Just one of the many great clearance finds on basic layering shirts/T-Shirts at right now. CLICK HERE for some more great finds!!!

And some Promo Codes: (courtesy of

  • Use RMNAFFIO 10% at checkout to receive ten percent off your entire order
  • SHIP69 will get you free ship to store (simply pick the store closest to you and they will notify you when your order arrives in-store for pick-up)

Don’t forget to check out my Target dress finds under $10!! You can build your wardrobe basics these next few months for pennies on the dollar if you follow the finds in this blog!

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