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Starting Thursday the 5th, Shop ‘n Save has Hamburger/Tuna/Chicken helper on sale for only $1 per box!

And when you buy $20 worth of Hamburger Helper (and/or some other participating products) you will receive $5 off instantly!

Add some great coupons into the mix, and you’ve got a great deal to stock up on Hamburger Helper!

Here’s a few places to find Hamburger Helper coupons:

So friends, that should get you enough coupons clipped/printed to get a great deal! Depending if your Shop ‘n Save doubles internet coupons, you may want to get your hands on as many clipped coupons as possible, especially since they are of a greater value when doubled!! Shop ‘n Save also imposes restrictions on how many “like” coupons you can use in one transaction, so you may have to do a combination of the clipped and printed coupons.

In a best case scenario, if you purchase 20 HH’s for $1 each, and use 4 75 cents off coupons (doubled), and use 3 80 cents off (doubled, hopefully, every store is different), you’re looking at 20 Hamburger Helpers for:

  • $10.80, after doubled coupons
  • minus instant $5 savings
  • $5.80 for 20 Hamburger Helpers!! or around 25 cents a box!!

Even if your store won’t double the printed coupons, you’re still getting a great deal!! Probably around 50 cents a box, 75 cents a box worst case scenario.

FYI: Giant Eagle also has Hamburger Helper for $1 a box this week, and while they aren’t offering the $5 instant savings, they will double internet and clipped coupons, so you may want to find what’s a better deal for you depending on your local Shop ‘n Save’s coupon policies!!

Let me know if you have success with this, and I’ll let you know how my Shop ‘n Save handles the deal!!



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  1. […] Hamburger Helper, that will score you an instant $5 off when you buy $20 worth of said products. Combine this with the Hamburger Helper coupons and buying strategy I’ve mapped out in my previous post, and score super-cheap breakfast and dinner in one […]

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