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Santa's bringing you a late present!!

Loooove me some free undies!! Especially the frilly, over-hyped, expensive kind that Victoria’s Secret designs in an amazing amount of varieties, fabrics, and color combinations…the kind that my sensibilities usually won’t let me purchase without a panicked pang of regret, kinda like the nagging guilt that surfaces if I eat that second slice of pumpkin pie after Thanksgiving dinner. And by the way, multiple slices of Pumpkin Pie and Victoria’s Secret panties DO NOT MIX LADIES!! (Pssst…If VS’s is out of your price range, I can usually find bras/undies/lingerie for under ten bucks at clearance sales at major department stores, and I’ve learned which brands equal the quality of Victoria’s Secret…don’t be fooled into thinking they are the only lingerie store with a good product…so not true! In fact, check out the great clearance sale JCPenney has going on right now…I bought tons of bras for under $10 last time they had the sale (push-ups, T-Shirt bras, Balconette bras, etc. etc., and I think they have lasted even LONGER than VS’s stuff…and they were just as intricately designed, sexy, and beautiful! Sign up for Penney’s emails, and you’ll regularly get $10 off $25 coupons delivered right to your inbox for printing or using online via promo codes…and sometimes even $10 off $10 coupons… add these to a 70% off clearance sale, smack on a promo code for free shipping, and you have a whole new wardrobe of underthings for around $30!! Just sayin…)

ANYWAY, I clearly have nothing against Victoria’s, especially when I come across great coupons like these…this one will get you a new pair of undies (with a sexy New Year’s theme…I’ve checked them out, very cute!) with ANY purchase!!

That means that you can wander over to the post-Christmas clearance hand-sanitizers (that you need for your purse anyway) or lip glosses (that you already have 25 of, but a girl needs an awesome selection of glosses and lip balms, right??), pick one up for 99 cents, and get your free pair of undies. SOLD!!

Click here to print your coupon for your free undies from Victoria’s Secret!!

Don’t forget: Coupon is good for FRIDAY DECEMBER 30th ONLY!!!

Getting back into my groove here my friends, check back for more freebies, cheapies, and coupon matchups!!


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