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My niece is absolutely obsessed with cats…cat figurines, cat books, stuffed cats, real,live cats…etc., etc. So I was happy to find these adorable Melissa and Doug (a really well-respected stuffed animal brand) kitty cats on clearance at Amazon today. Got one for my niece and one for Mike’s niece, and they were under $4 each, with free super-saver shipping.

Note: Today is the last day for free super saver shipping to guarantee delivery by Christmas. After that, you may need to shell out a few extra bucks for 2 day shipping. If you have an Amazon Prime membership, you’re in the clear my friend! There were lots of other toys at around 75 percent off, including some WebKinz, some glow-in-the-dark solar systems for the bedroom, and a few Barbie dolls/playsets. Check it out! The deals seem to change daily, I’m pretty upset that I missed out on some sweet singing and dancing Sesame Street characters yesterday for around $5, so check back tomorrow if you don’t see anything you want today!!

But, back to the kitty-cats; aren’t these adorable??

Melissa and Doug Tabby Cat ($3.79) and Melissa and Doug Cosby Cat ($3.99)

These are around 12 inches long and are normally around $15 on Amazon.

Any other good last-minute web shopping deals you guys have found? I’m off to the chaos of the stores tomorrow to finish off my shopping…gonna need a few stiff drinks before I’m thrust into the war zone!!

Merry Christmas everyone!!


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