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I talked to my sister tonight on the phone about her Christmas wish list, and she kept bringing up the need for new bras, which I can totally relate to. I related so much, in fact, that I bought myself a matching bra for every one I got for her tonight! Hey, what can I say, I couldn’t pass up the deals…

But it seems no matter how many I buy, I go through the damn things faster than a baby goes through diapers…torn straps, broken clasps, pesky underwire poking me in the chest…you know the deal.

And so I happened to be browsing the online clearance section of JCPenney, and boy, did they have a lot of great deals on a lot of great looking bras. (see pics below). Hence the bra-buying double feature that commenced on my computer this evening.

Not only that, but I checked my email today and found a nifty little promo code that will score you 20% off your purchase, and free shipping to the JCPenney store nearest you. How merry is that, my little cleavage-bearing elves???

Promo Code:

4THEFAM (hurry…i think this ends Monday!!)

So I ended up loading my virtual cart up with bras, most of the Ambrielle line, which I’ve found to be just about as durable and long-lasting as Vicoria’s Secret, and definitely as pretty. And when you apply the discount you get with the promo code, all the bras I’ve shown below will cost you just around $7.50!!!

No matter what type of bra you’re looking for, they’ve got it on clearance right now, up to 80% off:

Ulitimate Upsize Push-Up Bra (kinda like a miracle bra gals! I bought myself one, and I almost think it's TOO va-va-voom!!


Embroidered Balconette Bra...very pretty and detailed, but this bra won't look good under t-shirts or other clingy fabrics...think of it as a "bedroom" know what I mean...


Microfiber Underwire T Shirt Bra. They have this one in many different colors. It's easy to clean, provides just the right amount of support, and looks great under all kinds of clothing. An awesome bra!


One caveat: I find Penneys website to be absolutely maddening when ordering clearance-priced items…if they are completely sold out of an item, it will still be listed and allow you to go through the trouble of selecting your size, color, etc., before telling you the item is no longer available. ARRRGHHH…but, with prices this great (and I can vouch for these bras, I own all but the Microfiber, which I just ordered tonight, for me AND my sis), who can complain??

A Few Tips To Keep Your Bras Looking Great (Care and Washing)

Apparently, I’m both lazy and uneducated about the proper care and washing of undergarments, especially bras. Half of this advice I chose to ignore, and the other half I had no idea about. But no more!! I’m tired of replacing the beautiful, expensive bras I find because of mishandling on my part. A few laundering tips learned the hard way:

  • If possible, wash by hand (with something like Woolite), and hang to dry.
  • If not, invest in a simple $2 lingerie laundry bag…you will put your bras, skivvies, and nighties inside it before you throw them into the washer…this will protect them and minimize tears and strap/clasp malfunctions.
  • Wash on the cold, delicate setting. This prolongs the life of both the fabric and color.
  • In an ideal situation, you should have a rotation of at least 3 bras. Never wear the same bra two days in a row (guilty!). Apparently the elasticity of the bra is stretched on the first day of use, and it needs a day or two of rest to shrink back to it’s original, true size. You know, the size that actually fits you the way it should. I never knew this little tidbit of info, and always wondered why my boobs looked so fab that first day after buying a new bra, and then went a little “downhill” the next!
  • Also, when washing bras, hook the clasps or closures together to prevent them from snagging on anything and becoming bent. Learned this one the hard way quite a few times folks!
  • Just like dresses, there are bras for all occasions: some are for everyday wear, some are for jogging, some are for that Prada V-neck dress that is begging for a ton of bronzer-enhanced cleavage, and some are for the bedroom only (too delicate for the light of day, and too fancy and embellished to possibly look good underneath ANY type of clothing.) Learn to use each kind of bra for it’s intended job.
  • You will feel SO much sexier if you take a bit of time to organize your lingerie drawer (or shelves, or closet!) and add a few sachets of your favorite scent.
  • Try to own at least one bra with convertible, removable straps. This will be a godsend the day you finally decide to bust out that corset-style bustier or racer-back hot pink tank from the back of the closet. This type of bra will look great under a myriad of dresses and styles of tops, with no peek-a-boo straps in sight.  Oh, and if it’s the kind of bra with plastic, see-through straps, TAKE THEM OFF before you throw the bra in the washer! You’re better off cleaning those babies with the dishes in the sink.

Happy bra-hunting and gift shopping!! Oh, by the way…there are some fantastic deals on undies, socks and lingerie/robes as well!!!



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