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Spend around $4.50 for SEVEN loaves of bread and get $7 worth of FREE Steelers Merchandise

“Here we go, Steelers, here we go…”

Black and Gold Bucks Steelers Promo at Giant Eagle! Cheap Groceries and FREE Steelers Gear Through February!!

OK, I’m super-duper excited about the Black and Gold Bucks program going on at Giant Eagle stores through February…as if couponing weren’t great enough, now we can accumulate points (from our already free or highly discounted groceries) to purchase Steelers jerseys, hoodies, terrible towels, and anything else you can think of online, in Giant Eagle stores, or at participating retailers around the Pittsburgh area!

Here’s the low-down…buy 7 items from the participating products list in a single transaction, and get a Catalina coupon back for $7 off any Steelers gear! These coupons can be saved, stacked and accumulated till your little black and gold luvin’ heart’s content…so feel free to save all your Black and Gold Bucks up for the next few months and get your sweetie a really great jersey this Christmas!

Plus, if you follow this blog’s couponing strategies, you will actually make out on this deal big time!! For example, Giant Eagle Brand King Sized White Bread is on sale this week at participating Pittsburgh area stores for only 69 cents! Buy seven of these (and cram them in the freezer!), and get back $7 worth of Black and Gold bucks! Now, I don’t know about you guys, but I had already planned on taking advantage of this awesome bread deal (and stockpiling as many loaves as I could fit in my fridge/freezer…packing lunches are a bread-eating bitch!) BEFORE I knew about the extra incentive of FREE Steelers merchandise! So check this scenario out:

  • Buy 7 loaves of GE King Sized White Bread ($4.83 TOTAL)
  • Get a $7 Catalina coupon good off of any Steelers purchase at checkout! Use this certificate in the store, online, or at participating retailers. You don’t need to use it right away…feel free to save up a bunch and stack them to buy something super-sweet!!
  • So, in just one purchase of some super-cheap bread, you can already buy two terrible towels for under $1!!

I don’t know about you, but I plan on giving a lot of Steelers shirts/hoodies as Christmas gifts this year! Not to mention that if you buy them at GE, you’ll save on Fuel Perks as well!! Cheap gas, cheap groceries, free Steelers gear…I’m lovin’ it!!!

Thanks to one of my blog readers, Jen, for tipping me off to the ins and outs of this great Giant Eagle promotion!! Luv ya, and hope you keep reading the blog!!

Resources for Those as Excited as I Am About This Great Shopping Opportunity


  • Official Online Store of The Pittsburgh Steelers (conveniently set to the clearance merchandise…get the most bang for your buck!)…this is just one of the many places you can use your Black and Gold Bucks.
  • Click here to see if your local Giant Eagle is participating in this promotion, or to find a Giant Eagle near you that is.
  • This page gives the basic info on the promotion: requirements, restrictions, participating retailers, and, most importantly, a list of participating products that will get you the Black and Gold Bucks you need to buy stuff!


I’ll be back with Black and Gold updates each week to let you know what participating products in the promotion can be purchased on the cheap (or for free). I’m so excited to give out some great gifts to all the football fans in my life this Christmas…for FREE!!



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