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The sale ad for Giant Eagle this week kinda made me want to press the snooze button a few times…but hidden amongst all the over-priced, supposed-to-be-sales advertisements were a few hidden gems!!

My Fave Deal of The Week (just cause I really wanted to try these, and they seemed really overpriced!)

  • Totino’s Pizza Stuffers are on sale 3/$10, plus save $2 instantly when you buy three
  • That brings the price down to 3/$8
  • Use 3 of the 75 cents/1 Totino’s Pizza Stuffers coupon from the 9/11 GM insert (which will double)
  • Get Pizza Stuffers for $1.13 each when you buy three. Not a bad deal!!

And a few deals that MAY be Pittsburgh-area only, please let me know if you are from outside this area and your local GE is still offering these deals:

  • Giant Eagle King Size White Bread is only 69 cents! (Don’t be afraid people…a clerk at GE once told me that the store-brand bread is actually made by Schwebel’s or some other well-known bread company, so feel free to stock up while the price is hot, smash as many loaves as possible into your freezer, and forget about worrying about bread for school/work lunches for a while!)
  • Bottom Round Roast is only $1.99/lb…not a FANTASTIC price, but you can still make a decent roast for 2-4 people for under $5 at this price. If you’re craving a big hunk of slow-cooked meaty goodness, go for it!)
  • General Mills Cereal (Cheerios or Reese’s Puffs) are on sale 5/$10…use this printable 50 cents/1 Cheerios coupon to snag up some cheap cereal for $1 a box.
  • Aquafresh Toothpaste (selected varieties) is only $1 per tube! The Aquafresh web site has a TON of coupons, depending on what types of toothpaste are available at this sale price, you can probably snag some up for FREE.

And if you happen to have a subscription to All You Magazine (if you don’t, you should get one!!)

  • Hunt’s Snack Pack Puddings are 10/$10…use the 50 cents/2 (will double) coupon on page 37 to get them for 50 cents each.
  • Ditto with Chef Boyardee Canned Pasta! Same sale price, same coupon, same page!!


Did you find any other deals that were really, really worth it? Please let me know! I like to share only the WOW deals on this site, the ones that will help you save 75% or more off our grocery bills, but please share any and all deals in the comment box below! Hey, we all bite the bullet sometimes and HAVE to buy paper towels or lunch-meat at a price that’s not ideal!


Comments on: "Giant Eagle (Pittsburgh area and national) Coupon Matchups 9/21…A Few Quick Deals Worth Stocking Up On!" (2)

  1. Giant Eagle king size white bread is part of the black & gold bucks promotion. You buy 7 participating products; you get a $7 catalina for the Steelers Sideline Stores. Therefore, if you bought 7 loaves of bread for $4.83, you would also get the $7 black & gold bucks. Or, you could combine it with other products on the list, found at They don’t expire till 2/11/12 and are stackable and can be used online too, so they’re great for Xmas shopping!

    • Thanks Jen, I was wondering about those pesky black and gold bucks!! Looks like I’m gonna buy me bunches of bread and get Mike some Steelers stuff… šŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing!

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