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Steve Madden Beachie Heels only $17.99 (were over $80) at


The best way to be able to afford a great wardrobe for a song? Shop off-season! If you’re buying clothing/shoes that have somewhat of a classic appeal (or that you just love no matter what the Style Gods say), shopping at the end of the season for next years wardrobe is the way to go. Right now, summer clothing (sandals, shorts, capris, bathing suits, sunglasses, summery totes and thin sundresses) are being discounted all across the web and in stores BIG TIME. This can save you BIG bucks, if you know what you like and you aren’t shopping for anything too trendy.

Shoes, my dear girls, are one thing you can always count on fitting into next season. Unlike the scary uncertainty of buying pants or dresses you intend on wearing a year from now (you never know when you could lose/gain ten pounds), shoes are a wardrobe must-have that’s virtually guaranteed to still fit next year, no matter what the circumstances.

Shoes, have I told you lately how I love you?

This method of shopping might also be of interest to you if you’re taking a winter vacation to somewhere warm (you lucky, smart girl, you!) While the rest of us may be stuck freezing out tushies off in a snow-covered hell-hole, you can be flaunting your $6 sandals and DIY pedicure on a tropical beach on St. Thomas.

Also, don’t forget, many summer staples can be segued into the fall/winter season with a few minor adjustments. Short-sleeved summer dresses can be warmed-up with a cardigan and some opaque tights. Your favorite Capri jeans (In Style magazine taught me this trick)  are long enough to be neatly tucked into mid-calf or knee-high boots, as long as the jeans are a skinny or tapered cut (if they are too flared they’ll look sloppy). A great t-shirt can be layered with a fitted long-sleeve tee in a complementary (or contrasting!) color underneath.

Anyway, here a few great summer shoes I found on the web that I’m thinking about buying for next year’s summer season…the prices are great, and I know I’ll still be lovin’ these styles in 9 months…


“These Are A Few of My Favorite Shoes…”


These Mixit Wedge Flip Flops are on clearance at JCPenney right now (online and in stores) for only $6.60. The slight “heel”, jeweled accents, neutral color and boho vibe make this sandal a casual go-to that will also look great after dark.

Who doesn’t love Old Navy’s classic flip-flop? Available in TONS of colors and ultra-comfortable for tired tootsies, these favorites are my go-to shoes for shopping, running errands, the beach, picnics, etc. Right now on, they are on sale for $2.50 each. But, in a brilliant marketing twist that will actually save you $$$ next summer (because really, the style of these classic flip-flops aren’t going to magically change between now and next summer), if you buy two or more pairs, you get $1 off each pair! So basically, choose your fave colors, and get three pairs for only $4.50…for under five bucks all your casual shoe needs are solved for next season! I’m buying bunches…

This picture doesn’t really do these too-sweet Guess Tutu2 sandals any justice, check them out at, where they’re currently on clearance for only $14. They’ve also been rated very highly for comfort! With their feminine bow detailing on the front, what could’ve been just another pair of ho-hum flip-flops are transformed into a girly-girl’s dream shoe. Clearance shoes at Macy’s are going fast…catch them now if you want them! And if you buy two pairs of clearance shoes at, you’ll get 25% off your order! That means I could get a white (and pink) pair of these cuties for around $20 total, and have nine months to work on channeling my inner sweetheart…you know, to match the shoes.

If you happen to be a size 8.5, and happen to adore Gwen Stefani’s fashion line “Harajuku Lovers”, then run, run, run over to to snag up these adorably nautical inspired sandals. These “Label” sandals retail for around $100, but you can get them for $19.99 (price increases slightly with other sizes). I looove them, and I’m left wondering…can I stuff my size 9 feet into these things without too much pain?

And don’t forget to check out sites like to check for any promo codes that could save you an additional percentage off your online purchase, or free shipping!

Please leave a comment if you see any other great clearance shoe sales out there on the web (or in the stores)!


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