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OK, so I’m really sorry that I used up two of my 50 cents/1 Domino Sugar (2 lbs+) coupons today!! Thought I had found a great deal on sugar this week, but, lo and behold, Giant Eagle put me in my place with this week’s new sale ad, and the fab sugar sale starting on Thursday, 9/8. Read it and weep folks (at least those who took advantage of last week’s seemingly awesome sugar deal at good old S ‘n S…)

  • Domino Sugar (5 lb bag)   2 for $5 (or $2.50 each)Note: this sale may be regional to specific stores in the Pittsburgh area as part of the Grand Re-Opening Sale…if it’s not advertised in your local Giant Eagle ad, this pricing may not be available to you. If, however, you can journey to the North Huntingdon, White Oak, North Versailles, Penn Township, McKeesport or Hempfield Giant Eagle Location, all many not be lost…
  • Use the 50 cents/1 Domino Sugar Coupon (will double) from the 8/28 RedPlum coupon insert
  • Get your 5 lb bag ‘o sugar for only $1.50
  • Stock up my Kool-Aid-drinking, General Tso’s- cooking, cookie-baking friends!!

Thankfully, I have around 4 of the 50 cent off coupons left…clear some cupboard space Jeeves, I’m bringing home the Shuga!!! Gonna get my Kool-Aid on!!


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