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Can a mere $25 really get you started with the basics to a brand-new cold weather wardrobe, without ever visiting a thrift shop/consignment store? I did a little detective work, and the answer is HELL YEAH!!

I’m hoping to do a post similar to this each week, focusing on a different store every time. This week’s post helps you get a TON of bang for your buck with an excellent $10/$10 Liz Claiborne coupon at JCPenney.

The trick, my fellow fashionistas, is to get a little crafty. You know how you can bring home bags full of free or almost free food and toiletries from the grocery store by stacking sale prices, in-store promotions, and coupons? Well, building a fall/winter wardrobe can be achieved with similar strategies!

  1. Search the net for high-value printable coupons and/or promo codes (if you’re ordering online).
  2. Do a little research on this season’s new trends: which patterns/colors/fabrics are all the rage, and which of these trends do you love? Which will look great on you?
  3. Search the clearance section of department/clothing stores online or in the store. The best values can often be found for end-of-season merchandise, such as a Labor Day sale on summer clothing.
  4. Combine these brand-spankin’-new articles of clothing with timeless items you already own to make them workable for the fall/winter season.

Here is my example for this week:

JCPenney Red Zone Clearance+$10 off a $10 Liz Claiborne Clothing/Accessory Purchase+Fall/Winter Items I Already Own=CRAZY SAVINGS!!


  • How can you spend only a few dollars on fall and winter basics, yet still be up-to-the-minute with your wardrobe this fall? I started by printing out a few of these $10 off any $10 Liz Claiborne purchase coupons for JCPenney.
  • After a quick trip to JCPenney’s website, I learned they were having a lot of sales for Labor Day, and a lot of Red Zone clearance items up to 80% off (Liz Claiborne items were included in the sales, so I knew I was on the right track!)
  • A great idea to get a lot of mileage out of your wardrobe is to choose items that can carry you from season to season. For example, on my JCPenny hunt, I was on the lookout for clearance-priced dresses from the summer that were substantial enough in cut and fabric to work for winter, or that could be layered with other clothing items for a cold-weather look.
  • I’m not a slave to fashion trends, but (as I’ve said before), I’m ADDICTED to magazines, so I couldn’t help being aware of a few of this season’s upcoming trends. One I really liked was the use of bold jewel tones, such as Jade Green or Ruby Red in clothing and accessories.
  • Keeping all of this in mind, here were a few of my finds:


Liz Claiborne red dress, on clearance for $27.99


Now, this dress (which I LOVE) is part of summer’s leftovers. In the summer I would have probably worn this alone with a pair of strappy sandals and some exotic jewelry. But think outside the box: if I added a pair of my winter tights, some black boots, and a fitted jean jacket, this little dress would work perfect for a semi-casual fall day!

Deduct my $10 off coupon, and it’s only $17.99!! Which is a great price for a wardrobe basic (in an “in” color) that can be taken from season to season, and be dressed up or down, depending on what shoes/accessories you pair it with. For example, if I added my sweet little cashmere pale grey cropped cardigan,a pair of delicate heels and some light-catching earrings, I would be ready for a night out on the town or even a winter wedding!


Liz Clarborne $23.99

Here’s another dress I could do something similar with…after the coupon it will only be $13.99!! I’m thinking one of my cloche hats with this dress, and an unexpected pop of a contrasting color in either my shoes, purse, or jewelry. Again, tights and some sort of outerwear to keep toasty warm!!


Or how about getting this timeless sweater (and these great earrings to go with it) for only around $4 after your coupon??

Only $8.89!!!


Just $5.40!!


Add your favorite pair of jeans and some comfortable booties and you’re set!

Remember girls, shop strategically!! You can even find a few things on JCPenny’s site that cost just around $10…use your coupon, and just pay sales tax!!

And don’t forget to check out the promo codes at…you could end up snagging free shipping as well if you’re ordering your dirt cheap goodies online!!

Happy Shopping!! Let me know what you find!!

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  1. […] is another great way to start building a fall wardrobe for only $25, along with the JCPenney coupon I talked about in the other post. (and these jeans would go GREAT with the sweater and earrings I found for only around $4.00 […]

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