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Aaaaah, I’ve enjoyed my two days off, but unfortunately, my workweek starts again!! Time to get crackin’ on some deal hunting, as well as mix up some cocktails at my “real” job!! 🙂 I’ll miss you couch…I’ve had such fun bonding with you while I ate my FREE Chocolate Peanut Butter Bugles and watched an endless lineup of movies while cuddling with Mike and my furry friend Joey!!

Below, as usual, I’ve compiled a list of the best deals to be had at Giant Eagle this week: what they cost, where to find the coupons for them, and how best to work the Catalina deals!! Not a lot of great savings on meat or lunch meat this week, but there are several deals worth checking out…CHEAP dairy products, buns, Swiss Tea and GREAT prices on Kashi products!! If it’s deals on loss-leaders (such as meat/lunch meat) you’re looking for, stay tuned for my post on the Shop ‘n Save deals for the week...they have some great specials going on!!

Deal Highlights This Week

  • Kashi Catalina Deal (using 3 printable coupons, you can get all your favorite Kashi products at rock-bottom prices! Around 60-75 cents per item!)
  • HeluvaGood! Dips for only 66 cents!
  • Totino’s pizza rolls for only 60 cents! (or 40 cents with combined eOffer)
  • McCain French Fries or Purely Potatoes products for $1.50
  • Philadelphia Cooking Cream for $1
  • Swiss Tea (gallon size) for 75 cents each (maybe FREE!)
  • Kraft Singles (selected varieties) $1.66 each (I’m still on the hunt for a coupon to make this sweet deal positively cavity-inducing!)
  • Crest Toothpaste is 50 cents
  • Oral B Indicator Toothbrushes are 75 cents each when you buy 2
  • Kellogg’s Catalina deal lets you get 6 boxes of Pop-Tarts and $4 worth of milk for around $11

Coupon Policies at Giant Eagle

Remember Giant Eagle doubles both clipped and internet coupons. For the super-specific nitty-gritty on GE’s coupon policy click here.

As is the case in many drug stores, your best bet at Giant Eagle is to work the Catalina coupon deals that print out on your receipt when you buy a certain dollar amount of purchases, or a certain number of specific items. Yes, this may require going through the checkout line 2 or more times amidst a frenzied mob of hurried shoppers and their unruly, screaming children (I recommend hitting up the 24 hour Giant Eagle and doing your shopping sometime between midnight and 5 am…makes for a MUCH more zen-like shopping experience), but when you find yourself saving 75% off your grocery bill it will be SO worth it!

Giant Eagle Advantage Card

And, if you don’t already have one, be sure to sign up for a Giant Eagle Advantage Card. This will get you discounts on gas, allow you to be eligible for many in-store sales and promotions, and help the Catalina machine generate coupons for you based on your shopping history and preferences.

Giant Eagle eOffers

NOTE: There is a lot of hype about Giant Eagle’s eOffers, a program that allows you to virtually “clip” coupons online and load them to onto your Advantage Card. The coupon discounts (which are not doubled) are automatically taken off any eligible purchases upon checkout after the checker swipes your card. These “virtual coupons” are usually identical to those offered in the latest newspaper coupon inserts. While many claim that these deals are (as of now) technically able to be “stacked” (combined on the same product, adding to greater savings) with traditional clipped or internet coupons, I have had ZERO success with this so far. The register will only allow me to use one or the other at checkout, not both. The only way I have been able to benefit from this is if I don’t have enough paper coupons to get a Catalina deal I’d like to take advantage of, or in the rare case Giant Eagle is offering a unique coupon I can’t find anywhere else. The eOffer coupon is only good on one product, and for one purchase. Still, worth a look! That being said, many of my readers HAVE reported having regular success with this, so it’s worth a shot!! Although, according to a recent magazine article I read, there is an ongoing trend of grocery stores putting an end to the stacking of eOffers and paper coupons…and your paper coupons (which can be doubled and used in multiples, while eOffers CANNOT) are ALWAYS more valuable! My advice is to hand over any and all clipped/internet printed coupons to the checker and have her run them through the computer BEFORE surrendering your Advantage Card!!


Kashi Catalina Deal: Buy $10 worth of participating Kashi products, and receive a $2 off Catalina coupon, good off your next order!

  • First off, you’re going to want to head over to and print the 3 Kashi coupons they have available before they disappear (I found them by leaving the zipcode box blank, and by using zip 15085) The coupons are for $1/1 Kashi TLC Crackers, $1.50/2 Kashi TLC Granola Bars and $1/3 Kashi Go Lean Bars. The site allowed me to print each coupon 3 times.

Here are the participating products, and pricing:

  • Kashi Cereal 2/$6 (shelf price $4.29)
  • Kashi TLC Granola Bars 2/$6 (shelf price $4.29)
  • Kashi Cookies or Crackers 2/$5 (shelf price $3.39)
  • Kashi Go Lean Bars 10/$10 (shelf price $1.50)
  • Kashi All Natural Frozen Pizza 2/$12 (shelf price $7.29)
  • Kashi All Natural Frozen Entrees $3.99 (shelf price $4.50)

The computer uses the shelf price (not the sale price) of the product to calculate when you’ve reached the necessary $10 minimum. There are many ways you can work this deal, depending on what you like, but here are a few ideas:

  • Buy 2 Kashi Crackers and use 2 of the $1/1 printable coupons
  • Buy 3 Kashi Go Lean Bars and use 1 of the $1/3 printable coupons
  • Pay only $5 at the register, and get back a $2 Catalina for your next transaction.
  • Essentially, you are only paying $3 for 2 boxes of crackers and 3 bars, or 60 cents an item!


  • Buy 2 Kashi TLC Granola Bars (I love these the most!!) and use 1 of the $1.50/2 printable coupons
  • Buy 6 Kashi Go Lean Bars and use 2 of the $1/3 printable coupons
  • Buy 1 Kashi Crackers and use 1 of the $1/1 printable coupons
  • Pay $10 the register, and get back $4 in coupons off your next transaction
  • Essentially pay $6 for9 items, or 66 cents each!

Or 🙂 :

  • Buy 3 of the Kashi Crackers and use 3 of the $1/1 coupons (double up on this deal and get 6 if you can find someone to print you out an extra or two…that’s what friends are for!)
  • Pay $4.50 at the register, and get a $2 Catalina back
  • Essentially pay $2.50 for 3 boxes of crackers, or only 83 cents per box!!

Other Great Deals This Week (with a little help from coupons!)


Philadelphia Cooking Cream (pick your favorite flavor!) is 2/$5

Swiss Premium Tea (1 gallon, selected varieties) 4/$5

  • Use the $1/2 Swiss Premium Tea coupon from the 8/28 SmartSource to get these for 75 cents each. (Note: in some regions there was a 75 cents/1 coupon released. These lucky ducks can get Swiss Tea for FREE!!

Kraft Singles are on sale for 3/$5, or only $1.66 each!

Totino’s Pizza Rolls are 10/$10

McCain’s Smiles, Fries or Purely Potatoes are 4/$10

  • Use this $1/1 McCain’s product to get them for $1.50

BallPark Franks are BOGO this week (price not listed)

  • Use the 75 cents/2 BallPark Franks from the 8/7 RedPlum and you should be able to get them at a great price

HelluvaGood! Dips are 3/$5

  • Use the 50 cents/1 HelluvaGood product form their website and snag up some dip for around 66 cents! (the site will let you do multiple prints…it let me print out 8 coupons before kindly telling me to bugger off 🙂 )

Oral B Indicator Toothbrushes and Crest Toothpaste are 2/$3

  • Grab your new P&G Brandsaver September insert and clip out the 50 cents/1 Crest coupon to get it for 50 cents, and the 75 cents/2 Oral B Indicator coupons to snag 2 toothbrushes for 75 cents each

$4 Catalina off Your Next Gallon of Milk When You Buy 5 Participating Kellogg’s Products (Pop Tarts or Rice Krispies) 5/$11

  • Buy 6 Pop Tarts and use 2 of the $1/3 coupons from the 8.28 RedPlum insert
  • Get 6 boxes of Pop Tarts and $4 worth of milk for around $11

Pillsbury Grands! Biscuits are 8/$10 ($1.25 each)

  • Print out this 30 cents/2 coupon and get your Grands! for 95 cents each when you buy 2. I believe there may also be a GE eOffer that could make this deal a little better!

A Few Other Good Deals… (May be regional deals…Pittsburgh area only!!)

  • Giant Eagle brand hamburger/hot dog buns are on sale for only 69 cents!
  • Suave Professionals shampoo/conditioner is only $1 (check the Suave coupons in your 8/14 RedPlum insert…depending on what’s included in the store’s promotion, you may be able to get it for 50 cents, or score a free styling product!)
  • Broccoli is BOGO this week
  • And don’t forget those Kraft Singles for $1.66 each! (feel free to stock up…cheese can be frozen!)


Did I miss any amazing deals?? Please leave a comment in the box below, or click the leave comment link and share with the class!!

And don’t forget to subscribe via email to get updates and special offers delivered right to your inbox for FREE!! (No spam, I promise! 🙂 )

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Shopping!!


Comments on: "Giant Eagle Coupon Matchups…9/1-9/7…Pittsburgh area and National Deals…Cheap Kraft, Swiss Tea, Totino’s, Kashi and More!!" (7)

  1. Davida Davis said:

    If you do your coupons before the giant eagle card they dont double fyi! I made them undo and re ring all mine one time =] ha

    • Really??? I always hand over my card first…but now I wanted to try to start using some of the eDeals (or whatever they’re called) but I read a magazine article that said soon the stores will not allow you to stack them with paper coupons anymore, so to hand over your card dead last. Hmmm…what to do, what to do!!

  2. Davida Davis said:

    Oh and can you really freeze cheese?? Had no idea! How long do you think it holds in the freezer??

    • Yes, you can freeze butter, any kind of bread, any type of cheese (sliced, shredded, block) and even milk. If you freeze milk make sure to pour a little out first because it will expand slightly as it freezes. I think dairy is supposed to stay in tip-top shape for 6 months. You can’t freeze cottage cheese (or sour cream) though… the consistency will get very yucky! 😦 Bleeecch…

      I even freeze overripe bananas to use later in banana bread…you can freeze them whole or squish the guts out and put in a freezer bag to save space! 🙂 Thanks for the advantage card tip, Davida!

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