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Oh, New Orleans, how I miss you!! Your eclectic blend of cultures, your soulful music that emanates from every street/alleyway/bar, your super-delicious Cajun and Creole delicacies that make me want to hop in a car and drive the 24 hours necessary just to savor some Craw-fish Etoufee, some Red Beans ‘n Rice, and a sugary beignet at Cafe Du Monde. And then drive all the way back to PA again.

Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans??

Now, I have many authentic recipes for jambalaya, gumbo, and red beans and rice tucked away in my cookbooks in the kitchen. I LOVE making them from scratch. But I have to give it to the good folks at Zatarain’s for producing a few super-easy New Orleans-style convenience foods that manage to hit the spot when you’re looking for great taste without an hour and a half of chopping, sauteing, and simmering (not to mention dealing with the oh-so high-maintenance job of cooking up a decent roux.)

Good news folks!! A few of Zatarain’s products are on sale at Target for just under a buck!! (my personal fave is the black beans and rice…great flavor…tastes just like it was slow-cooked with a ham hock thrown in the pot, or some bacon fat). Combine it with this $1/3 coupon (Thanks KrazyCouponLady!) and you can pick up a few of these handy mixes for around 63 cents each…feel free to add some shrimp or Andouille sausage or chicken to make it a complete (carnivorous) meal!! (These mixes usually retail for over $2 each, so this is a great deal!)

And while you’re at it check out some of’s printable coupons…these can be “stacked” with manufacturer’s coupons, and that can add up to some serious discounts and savings! Plus, many of them are for non-food items like housewares, clothing and electronics. (Tip: print out the clothing coupons and hit the clearance racks…I’ve scored many pairs of jeans for around $2 this way.)


Comments on: "Zatarain’s Rice Coupon…Great Deal at Target…And I’m Missing New Orleans!!" (3)

  1. Hi
    i was at target in Southern California didnt get that price at all :((

    • Deals at Target and WalMart are often regional…sad but true!!! Wendy, did you get my message from the other day?? Need you to email me your address again…have lots of stuff for ya :)…and need to know which prize you’d like for the “Save Money on Meat” contest!!

  2. […] Zatarain’s Rice Coupon…Great Deal at Target…And I’m Missing New Orleans!! ( […]

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