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Great Christmas gift idea for $4.99!!


Ok, so I have officially vowed to start my Christmas shopping NOW, so I have the opportunity to take advantage of GREAT deals as they present themselves, instead of running around stores in panic-attack mode three days before Christmas, while drawing a complete blank on what I’m going to get everyone.

This sweet little deal I happened upon today from is awesome for four reasons:

  1. It actually serves a useful purpose. Everyone needs an umbrella (or two)…I’m constantly leaving mine places and losing them.
  2. These unique “wine bottle” umbrellas will actually be appreciated by anyone who is a wine lover…they come in several different wine-bottle designs that are all super-cute (with a few more masculine prototypes thrown in for the men in your family). I’m ordering one for my mom…she is a notorious Wino (I’m saying that jokingly with love mom, in case you’re reading this!!)
  3. I’ve actually used this website before…I received a couple FREE magazine subscriptions from them (available to small business owners), which I got in the mail in a very prompt manner…so I’m pretty sure this site and it’s deals are trustworthy! I’ve also seen their deals advertised on several other coupon blogs/sites all over the web!!
  4. The actually umbrella top (you know, the part that makes a big, wet mess??) actually STORES INSIDE THE CUTE WINE BOTTLE BASE/HOLDER, SO YOU DON’T HAVE TO LEAVE LITTLE PUDDLES ALL OVER YOUR WORK/SCHOOL/RESTAURANT/GROCERY STORE/ETC.!! Lovin’ it!!! The umbrella part corresponds with the design on the bottle you choose, so each one is different!!


Anyway, this a sweet gift for any occasion for only $4.99 (and no, no one is paying me royalties to promote ANYTHING on this blog, I have so far refused to host any advertising, besides the occasional ad that may put up on my blog, which is out of my control.) Just thought I’d share a cool gift idea with everyone!!

Click here to purchase any of the umbrella designs for only $4.99 for the Shiraz-lover in your life!!  This offer is only good for 24 more hours, according to Tanga’s countdown clock!

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