For Smart Couples…Forget the Recession! Learn how to pay 1960's Prices for everything from salad dressing to dressing up for a night out!

Free BBQ sauce and super-thrifty ribs?? Sign me up!!

OK guys…I’ve had an INSANE weekend at work (WDVE Steel City Comedy Tour live and on stage at my bar, truckloads of (non-English speaking) drunk people, a 9 year-old’s birthday party (sprung upon me at the last moment…what is “Monster High???”), VERY thirsty weekend drinkers, etc., etc., etc. So I bequeath onto you my very favorite Giant Eagle deals this week, the deals you should beg, borrow and steal coupons for and stock the hell up on…if there’s still time. And trust me, I haven’t even had a chance to go grocery shopping yet, so you know my schedule has been busy!! I apologize for the delay, but hopefully this creme de la creme list will help some last minute shoppers (like me!).

Remember, in Western PA, Giant Eagle doubles all clipped and printed coupons up to 99 cents in value!!

And don’t forget…if you see the 60’s πŸ™‚ symbol next to a product, you are paying average 1960’s grocery prices for that item 50 years later in 2011!! This is the great thing about coupons, my friends!! And these are the prices I strive to find, and share with you!! (The only thing better is FREE, and I find a lot of that as well!)

Here’s a list of VERY smart grocery/stockpiling purchases, ranging from absolutely FREE to 99 cents: (except maybe the ribs, but be thankful we’ve found a coupon for $2 off meat!!)

Print this coupon NOW (before it’s gone):

Now, here’s the groovy part…you’re KC BBQ Sauce will be FREE at Giant Eagle!!

  • Starting Thursday 8/25 KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce is on sale 10/$10
  • Use the 50 cents of 1 KC BBQ sauce from the 8/21 SmartSource (which will double)
  • Score some GREAT BBQ sauce for free! Better than 60’s :)!
  • Buy ANY pork ribs with your KC BBQ Sauce, and get $2 off with the printable coupon!
  • Have an awesome (frugal) Labor Day cookout!!

Degree Deoderant (regular is 2/$5 and premium varieties are 2/$7)…buy $10 worth of this (and/or other participating products) and get a $3 Catalina Coupon good off your next purchase

  • Buy 4 (2/$5) Degree Deoderants ($10)
  • Use 4 75 cents off 1 Degree Men or Women Anti-Antiperspirant/Deodorant from the 7/31 or 8/28 RedPlum
  • Pay $4, and get a $3 Catalina Coupon good on your next transaction
  • Each deodorant is essentially 25 cents!! 60’s πŸ™‚
  • Do this deodorant deal FIRST in a separate transaction, so you can use the $3 Catalina to bring down the cost of the rest of your groceries!!

Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls, Grands Biscuits, Crescent Rolls or Golden Layers are only 10 for $10 (WOW and YUM!)

  • Use this 50 cents off 2 Crescent Rolls (there is another coupon for Grands Sweet Rolls on the same page) or try here as well (you will have to register)
  • FYI: There is also a 50 cents/2 Giant Eagle eOffer…as I’ve said before, I haven’t had success stacking these with my clipped coupons, and I recently read an article that stated various grocery store eCoupons WILL NOT STACK with clipped coupons very soon (and also that loading these onto your card could jeopardize your higher value, and able-to-be-doubled paper coupons, as the store will deduct the eCoupons FIRST when you scan your Advantage/Perks/etc card, and then NOT accept any paper coupons you have for the same item after that.) Just food for thought!! As of right now, many of my readers say that the “stacking” of both types of coupons works just groovy at GE…just something to be aware of in the near future in case your store pulls a fast one an tries to implement these restrictive coupon policies…your paper coupons are ALWAYS more valuable!! To be safe, I recommend handing over ANY and ALL clipped coupons BEFORE surrendering your store loyalty card, just to be safe!!
  • Sorry for the speech!! Anyway, get your crescent/grands/etc for 25 to 50 cents!! 60’s πŸ™‚

Land ‘O Lakes Margarine or Spreadable Butter is only 2/$3

  • Use the 40 cents off 1 Land ‘O Lakes Spreadable Butter coupon from the 8/7 SmartSource, or print a coupon here.
  • Again, I have read there is a similar Giant Eagle eOffer, so add it to your card if you’ve had success with this at your store!!
  • Get your butter from 40 to 80 cents!! A great deal! 60’s πŸ™‚
  • Remember, you CAN freeze butter…so feel free to stock up on this great price!!

Stayfree Maxi Pads are only 2/$4 (or $2 each)

  • Use1 BOGO Stayfree coupon from the 6/26 SmartSource
  • Also use ONE $1/1 Stayfree from the 8/21 SmartSource (coupon policy dictates that you can only use 1 of these coupons, not two…the BOGO will attach to the first package of pads, and the $1/1 will attach to the second…I know, it’s not fair, it seems like we should be able to use 2 of the $1 off coupons as well. Curse you Coupon Gods!!!)
  • Get 2 packages of pads for $1, or only 50 cents each!! (Stock up gals…I love these deals…saves Mike from having to run to a convenience store at 2 am and face excruciating embarrassment at that “time of the month” if I happen to be…caught off guard. Awww…he loves me soooo much!!Β  πŸ™‚ )

Grapes are only 99 cents/lb!!

  • And I’m talking any variety you could possibly think of, and then ten more you never knew existed. Silly me, I thought your average grocery store only carried green and red seedless grapes. Boy, did GE prove me wrong this week!! Get your grape on with varieties like Autumn Royal, Scarlett, and Flame...all yours for only 99 cents/lb no matter which kind you choose!! Kinda makes me wanna drink some wine now…mmmm…wine…


Please feel free to post a comment and brag about your couponing awesomeness!!! And don’t forget to click the button on my blog for a FREE email subscription…don’t miss out on any of the high value coupons I post about…believe me, in some cases good printable coupons are GONE in three hours!!! Get these posts delivered right to your inbox starting RIGHT NOW!! πŸ™‚

Happy Shopping!!


Comments on: "Giant Eagle Coupon Matchups 8/25-31…FREE BBQ Sauce and Cheap RIbs…Butter, Deoderant, Crescent/Cinnamon Rolls, Stayfree Pads all 50 cents and under!" (3)

  1. Here is another variation of the buy $10 get $3 on dove and degree.

    I only had 2 degree coupons so I did the following
    Bought 2 degree deodorants (used 75 cent coupon on each)
    Bought a 2 pack of dove soap to get over the $10

    Total cost after coupons: $4.50

    When I checked out I got the $3 off a purchase, and also a $1 off purchase from degree! So I got $4 back and only paid $4.50. I was unaware of a degree catalina, so it was a bonus, hopefully it works for everyone.

    • Hey Mallory, good to know!! Please keep me updated on any other finds! I need to get my butt out to GE before all the degree is gone lol.

      • There were also two other deals I cashed in on this week…

        Reynold’s wrap aluminum foil was on sale 2/$5. The reynold’s website has 75 cent off coupons for the non-stick foil you can print when you sign up, making the aluminum foil $1 each.

        Also starkist tuna pouches were 8/$10. Starkist’s website had 50 cent off coupons and also 75 cent off coupons for lower sodium pouches. So those were free – 25 cents


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