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I’m VERY excited about some of the deals going on this week at Shop ‘n Save…there are a lot of great sales on butter, cheese, bread/buns that you can add a coupon to and get some of the lowest prices I’ve seen on these items in a while.

Remember: Become familiar with your local Shop ‘n Save’s coupon policies! They can vary greatly because these stores are all independently owned and managed! What you can usually count on:

  • Double coupons up to 99 cents
  • DOES NOT double internet coupons (I have had some readers tell me their store does not even TAKE internet coupons. Period.)
  • Usually a limit on how many “like” coupons you can use (my store has a limit of 4)
  • Does not accept BOGO internet coupons, or internet coupons above a certain dollar amount (usually $3 or $4 being the highest, depending on the store) Note: Some of my readers have recently reported that their local Shop ‘n Save does indeed double internet coupons…if yours does please leave me a comment on this post so I can compile a list for everyone!

That being said, I have heard they are trying to become more competitive in their policies, so maybe the evil, unnecessary restrictions against poor, defenseless internet coupons will change soon. Let’s all cross our fingers!

My Favorite Deals This Week

  • Heluva Good Shredded or Chunk Cheese for $1 to $1.50 (depending on whether your store doubles internet coupons)
  • Heluva Good 16 oz sour cream for 63 cents to $1.13 (again, depending on the doubling policy)
  • Heluva Good Dips are 63 cents to $1.13 (you get the picture 🙂 )
  • Land o’ Lakes Fresh Buttery Taste Spread or Margarine is $1 to $1.20
  • Oral B Toothbrushes are 29 cents
  • Ball Park hamburger/hotdog buns are 69 cents
  • Sarah Lee Classic Honey Wheat Bread is 89 cents
  • Reach Dental Floss is 39 cents

Coupon Matchups

Sunny D 64 oz Bottle is 3/$5

  • Use 25 cents/1 coupon form the 8/7 SmartSource insert to snag it for $1.15

Luigi’s Italian Ice (6 ct) is 2/$6

  • Use the 50 cents/1 coupon from the 8/14 RedPlum, or the 7/24 or 6/26 RedPlum and get it for $2 per box

Bird’s Eye Voila! (these are complete meals with everything added, I believe) $4.49

  • Use the 50 cents/1 coupon from the May issue of All You magazine (sold at WalMart…lots of great coupons in this mag if you’ve never read it! Get a subscription on Amazon for cheap!)
  • Get your Voila! for $3.49

Heluva Good Deals (They’re Heluva Good this week! If your store doubles internet coupons you are LUCKY! For all these deals, you will need to print out this coupon from Heluva Good’s site, (50 cents off any item) and FYI it let me print out 8! So go get your cheese and sour cream on!)

  • Shredded or Chunk Cheese is 2/$4 ($1 to $1.50 with coupon)
  • Sour Cream (16 oz) is 3/$5 (63 cents to $1.13 with coupon)
  • Selected varieties of Heluva Good Dips are 3/$5 (63 cents to $1.13 with coupon)

Note: Remember, you can freeze shredded/sliced/chunk cheese and butter products…just not sour cream or cottage cheese, as it dramatically changes the consistency…blech!! 😦

Land ‘O Lakes Fresh Buttery Taste Spread or Soft Margarine is 2/$4

  • Use the 40 cents off 1 Land ‘O Lakes Spreadable Butter Products coupon from the 8/7 SmartSource
  • Or use this 50 cents off 1 coupon from Land ‘O Lakes (you will have to register, but will then have access to several coupons)
  • Best Case Scenario: Butter for a buck!! $1-$1.50 pricing, depending on your store’s policies!

Daisy Cottage Cheese is 2/$5

  • Use the 55 cents/1 Daisy cottage cheese coupon from the July issue of Weight Watchers magazine if you happen to have it and get it for only $1.40

Oral B Toothbrushes (selected varieties) are $1.79

  • Use the 75 cents off 1 Oral B toothbrush coupon from the 7/31 PG (has stipulations on which kind of toothbrush, make sure you are buying one of the allowed varieties)
  • Pay only 29 cents!

Reach Dental Floss is $1.39

  • Use the 50 cents/1 Listerine mouthwash or Reach Toothbrush, Floss or Floss Picks coupon from the 7/31 SmartSource
  • Get your floss for only 39 cents

Ball Park Buns (Hamburger or Hotdog) are $1.79

  • Use the 55 cents/1 Ball Park buns coupon form the 8/7 RedPlum to get them for only 69 cents! Home Run!!

Sara Lee Classic Honey Wheat Bread is $1.99

  • Use the 55 cents/1 Sara Lee Wheat Bread coupon from the 8/14 RedPlum
  • Get your bread for only 89 cents

Dole Fruit Bowls (4 pack) or 24.5 oz Plastic Jars are 2/$5

  • Use this 75 cents off 1 jar printable to get your jar from $1 to $1.75
  • Or use the 75 cents/2 Dole Fruit Bowls Coupon from the 8/21 SmartSource to get your bowls for $1.75 each

Nabisco Crackers (selected varieties) are 2/$5

  • Use the 75 cents off 2 coupon from the 8/7 SmartSource to get them for $1.75 per box


Loss Leaders Worth Looking At

(not super-duper excited about these, but I smell a 2-day sale coming up!)

  • Boneless Pork Sirloin Chops are $1.99/lb ($2 off the regular price)
  • Boneless Ribeye Steaks are $6.99/lb ($3 off regular price…treat yourself!)
  • Honeysuckle white Turkey Breast is $3.88 from the deli, which is a couple dollars cheaper that usual
  • Red or Green Seedless Grapes are $1.99/lb

As usual, feel free to comment below and add any deals you’ve found! If I find anything else on my shopping trips, I will be back with another Shop ‘n Save post for the week!

And please, feel free to let us all know about the coupon policies of your local Shop ‘n Save!! Help me compile a list of store policies that I can post on the site to help other shoppers!!


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