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Howdy (bargain-seeking)  friends and (coupon wielding) neighbors!!

Below, as usual, I’ve compiled a list of the best deals to be had at Giant Eagle this week: what they cost, where to find the coupons for them, and how best to work the Catalina deals!!

Deal Highlights This Week

  • Breyer’s Ice Cream for $1.50
  • Resolve Pre-Treat Triggers and Stain Sticks $1.00
  • Bounty Paper Towels 50 cents
  • Roman Meal Bread 29 cents
  • Axe Shower Gel 75 cents
  • Duncan Hines Frosting 70 cents
  • Bumble Bee Tuna Pouches 59 cents
  • Boneless Sirloin Tip Roast is BOGO this week

Coupon Policies at Giant Eagle

Remember Giant Eagle doubles both clipped and internet coupons. For the super-specific nitty-gritty on GE’s coupon policy click here.

As is the case in many drug stores, your best bet at Giant Eagle is to work the Catalina coupon deals that print out on your receipt when you buy a certain dollar amount of purchases, or a certain number of specific items. Yes, this may require going through the checkout line 2 or more times amidst a frenzied mob of hurried shoppers and their unruly, screaming children (I recommend hitting up the 24 hour Giant Eagle and doing your shopping sometime between midnight and 5 am…makes for a MUCH more zen-like shopping experience), but when you find yourself saving 75% off your grocery bill it will be SO worth it!

Giant Eagle Advantage Card

And, if you don’t already have one, be sure to sign up for a Giant Eagle Advantage Card. This will get you discounts on gas, allow you to be eligible for many in-store sales and promotions, and help the Catalina machine generate coupons for you based on your shopping history and preferences.

Giant Eagle eOffers

NOTE: There is a lot of hype about Giant Eagle’s eOffers, a program that allows you to virtually “clip” coupons online and load them to onto your Advantage Card. The coupon discounts (which are not doubled) are automatically taken off any eligible purchases upon checkout after the checker swipes your card. These “virtual coupons” are usually identical to those offered in the latest newspaper coupon inserts. While many claim that these deals are (as of now) technically able to be “stacked” (combined on the same product, adding to greater savings) with traditional clipped or internet coupons, I have had ZERO success with this so far. The register will only allow me to use one or the other at checkout, not both. The only way I have been able to benefit from this is if I don’t have enough paper coupons to get a Catalina deal I’d like to take advantage of, or in the rare case Giant Eagle is offering a unique coupon I can’t find anywhere else. The eOffer coupon is only good on one product, and for one purchase. Still, worth a look! If anyone HAS had success using both an eOffer and a clipped coupon at the same time, please leave a comment and let me know the details!!

FF2’s Just-for-Fun Grading System

  • A=Awesome price, Awesome deal, Ain’t gonna come around for a while again, so stock the %#&! up!!!
  • B=Better than normal price, Buy a bit more than you need for the week, Back in 3 weeks pricing!
  • C=Customary Sale, Cookie-Cutter Deal, Cool it, this price will be back next week or the week after at one of your local stores!!
  • D or F (if I bother to post it)=Don’t bother to buy it!!! ( unless you enjoy nonsensically throwing your money away, then, by all means, buy ten!)

Without further ado…

Axe Products, buy $10 worth, get a $3 Catalina coupon for your next order

  • Best deal idea: Axe shower gels and deodorants are 2 for $6 (shelf price is $3.98)
  • Buy 4, and use 2 BOGO coupons from the 7/31 RedPlum insert
  • Pay $6 at the register for 4 deodorants/shower gels
  • Receive a $3 Catalina coupon
  • Essentially pay $3 for 6 Axe products, or only 75 cents each!! A
  • I would buy the Axe products first, check out with them, get my Catalina, and then go back into the store and do the rest of my shopping so I can apply the $3 discount to the rest of my groceries. Or save it for next week. Whatever floats your boat!!

Butterball Sausage or Turkey Franks on sale for 2 for $5 (or $2.50 each)

  • Use the 65 cents off 1 Butterball Turkey Franks or Sausage Coupon from the 6/26 Smartsource insert to score your weenies for $1.20 each B-

Resolve Pre-Treat Triggers or Stain Sticks on sale 2 for $4 (or $2 each)

  • Use the 50 cents off 1 coupon from either the 7/17 or 8/14 SmartSource insert and get cleanin’ for only $1 per bottle/stick! B

Breyer’s Ice Cream on sale 3 for $10, plus get a fourth free when you buy three

  • So…the cost would be 4 for $10 when you buy four ($2.50 each)
  • Use one of the $1.50 off two Breyer’s Blast Printable coupons
  • Pay $6 for 4 tubs of ice cream, or $1.50 each! B

Bounty Paper Towels (single roll) or Napkins on sale for 99 cents

  • Use the 25 cents off 1 coupon from the 7/31 P&G coupon insert
  • Get paper towels to clean up all those spilled drinks on Friday night get-togethers for only 50 cents  B+

Super Pretzel (assorted varieties) on sale for 4 for $9 ($2.25 each)

  • If it’s included in the sale, use the new 5o cents off 1 Super Pretzel PretzelDogs Product in the new Redplum (8/7?)
  • Get these yummy pretzel-wrapped mini hotdogs for only $1.25 a box!!
  • If these aren’t included in the deal, and you still have a hankerin’ for Super Pretzels, you’re stuck paying $2.25!! B (if the deal works)

Schwebel’s Roman Meal Bread $1.79 per loaf

  • Use the 75 cents off 1 Roman Meal Bread printable coupon (under zip 53022)
  • Have your friends print you out some extras (it did let me print 2 coupons on my computer), and stock up on bread for only 29 cents!! (just toss it in the freezer!) An A+ deal!

Duncan Hines Cake mix, Brownie mix, and Frosting is 4 for $5 ($1.25 each)

  • Buy 5 (at least one must be a frosting) and use 1 75 cents off 1 frosting+1 cake mix coupon (I know I have it, just can’t find it or remember which insert!! Well, you can print one here anyway, and use 1 Buy 2, Get 1 Free Duncan Hines from the 6/5 SmartSource insert
  • Pay $3.50 for 5, or 70 cents each (try to make this deal better by purchasing the most expensive mixes/frostings the sale price allows) C+ to B, depending

Pittsburgh Area Deals

Bumble Bee Chunk Light Tuna Pouches on sale for 59 cents!! WOO HOO!! Pair this with all the cheap tuna helper you bought last week, or whip up some Tuna Croquettes, or a good, old-fashioned Tuna Noodle Casserole!! A

Broccoli is BOGO this week! B

Bone-In Pork Loin Country Style Ribs only $1.29/lb! Make this deal EVEN SWEETER by printing out this $2 off 2 lbs or more of any fresh or frozen ribs!! HURRY COUPON EXPIRES 8/12!! A

St. Ives Bodywash is BOGO!! ($1.99 each)

  • Look in your 7/10 SmartSource insert for a coupon…depending where you live, you will have either a 50 cents or 75 cents off 1 coupon (Pittsburgh peeps, we have the 50 cents off 1)
  • Use 2 of these coupons to get each bodywash for 99 cents each when you buy two, or 50 cents when you buy 2 for the lucky folks with the higher value coupon!! B

Did I miss any amazing deals?? Please leave a comment in the box below, or click the leave comment link and share with the class!!

And don’t forget to subscribe via email to get updates and special offers delivered right to your inbox for FREE!! (No spam, I promise! 🙂 )

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Shopping!!


Comments on: "Giant Eagle Coupon Matchups 8/11-8/17…National and Pittsburgh Area…Super Cheap Tuna, Bread, AXE body wash and More!!" (8)

  1. if you have a community supermarket in your area, Duncan Hines cake mix is only .89 and I’m using “buy any 2 Duncan Hines products, get cake mix free” coupons for this deal there.

  2. question. How did you find out about the tuna sale? I checked my local flyer and it wasn’t in there, so I checked different zipcodes online and didn’t see it in any of the Pittsburgh area flyers either. I hope this sale really is going on in my area, I will check the next time I get there.

    • Hi Mallory! It was in a wrap around flyer around my regular flyer. According to the flyer, these are the stores that will be participating in the deal: Irwin, White Oak, North Versailles, Penn Township, Mckeesport and Hempfield. The pork rib sake and the broccoli BOGO are also part of the wrap around flyer and will be available at those locations. (and the softsoap body wash I think). Hope that helps!! It’s part of a Grand Re-Opening celebration these locations have had going on for a few weeks now.

  3. I haven’t had any problem combining eCoupons with regular coupons. Got Gillete body wash for 51 cent moneymaker at Export Giant Eagle using $2 coupon and $2 eCoupon. Got yoplait smoothie for a quarter at Wilkins Twp Shop N Save 75 cent coupon doubled and 75 cent eCoupon. Have stacked plenty of others for not quite as good deals. By the way if you go to Export Giant Eagle never ever go to Dorothy!! She goes through every coupon with a fine tooth comb even if you only have a few, and won’t even try to scan some that are perfectly legit.

    • Really??? It has NEVER worked or me or my sister, and we shop at Monroeville/Irwin/Haymaker Giant Eagles…is there a way to do it right? For example, have them scan your advantage card at the beginning of the transaction or the end??? Just curious…you could really help me out here Jennifer (haha our names are the same). Should I give them coupons first, and then have them scan my card? Or card first, and then coupons?? It has just NEVER stacked for me, no matter what. Would LOOOOOVE some tips/tricks concerning this…or a list of GIant Eagle/Shop ‘n Saves you shop at! 🙂

  4. janeysaurus said:

    I shop at the Shadyside Market District Giant Eagle and have never had a problem with stacking e-offers and man Qs. I don’t use a ton of the e-offers, but the most recent ones I’ve stacked were the $1/2 e-offer Pantene shampoos with the $3/2 Pantene man. coupon, the $.25 Bounty napkins e-offer with the $.50 June P&G Bounty napkin Q, and the $.25 Bounty paper towels e-offer with the $.25 P&G Bounty Qs…this was recent since all those were expiring 7/31.

    I also remember in…May, I think, maybe June, I combined a $8 Swiffer sale with a $4 Swiffer e-offer and a $4 Swiffer paper Q from somewhere, maybe the P&G. I’ve probably done a couple of others that I don’t recall offhand…oh, there was the one for the Ivory 3-bar soap packs! The soap wasn’t on sale, but combining the e-offer and the P&G Q made for free soap for those whose shelf price was $1.39…my store had them for $1.69, so my OOP was either $.39 or $.19 (can’t remember the Q amounts offhand).
    I missed out on shopping at GE the past week, so I missed out on all the cat offers as well as the $.29 or whatever it was Fantastik.

    It doesn’t seem to matter for me if I scan my card at the beginning, middle, or end. The register automatically takes it off like it does for adjusting from shelf to sale prices, and on my receipts, it’ll list them after everything is scanned but before my list of coupons, if you get what I’m saying, so everything’s easy to read.

    I heard that some people had some problems with stacking for the Gillette bodywash, so what they did is to take their printed list of e-offers to the customer service desk and get a cash refund for the e-offer (I assume GE CS are also able to remove the e-offer from the card after doing this). I usually take a printed list of loaded e-offers with me if I’m going to use more than one e-offer so I can make sure I’m getting the current sizes/amounts/etc.

    I only recently signed up for a Shop-n-Save card once I was able to a) find a site/blog/forum that did Pittsburgh Shop-n-Save matchups (only found two so far, you and a blog based in North Hills), and b) find an accessible Shop-n-Save (in Lawrenceville). Heh, I’m apparently on my own with match-ups at the Bloomfield Shur Save, lol.

    Oh! And I also get a sales flyer for Community supermarket in my weekly circular mailings (if I get them, damn USPS…didn’t get anything this week). I’m another one that never heard of the store. I think we Googled it to figure out why we get this mailing and the nearest locations were like Etna or Turtle Creek or someplace like that across the river.

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