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Beef. It’s what’s for dinner.


Pork. The Other White Meat.


In America, the Big Meat companies spend BIG bucks on advertising and propaganda to convince us that no meal in this country is truly complete without a super-sized slab of beef, chicken or pork taking center stage on our dinner plates.

Compare that to the status quo in most other countries, and you’ll find that meat is most often either served up in MUCH smaller portions, eaten sporadically as a treat, or merely used as a flavorfull accent amidst an abundance of rice, beans and vegetables.

Besides the debated health concerns of a meat-heavy diet, the COST of buying all that meat can really add up! Compare the price of a pound of sirloin to that of a pound of  dry Kidney beans, and you’ll see what I mean!

Now, I’m a happy carnivore (although I do have issues on the way most meat is farmed, fed and slaughtered, but that’s another issue altoghether!), so I’m not advocating a Vegan or Vegetarian diet in this post. But how can we enjoy eating our “finger lickin’ good” wings and drumsticks without spending an arm and a leg??


Here are my favorite tips to save big on buying meat:


  1.  Use a little less meat than a recipe calls for! I find most of the recipes I use for chili, soup, casseroles, meatloaf, etc. call for around 1 lb of meat. I was constantly portioning out and freezing 1 lb servings after I brought it home from the grocery store. Now, If I buy a three pound package of ground meat, I divide it into four portions instead of three. The difference is negligable, and Mike has never caught on he’s not getting that full pound of beef in his chili! You can portion out ground turkey, chicken breasts, and many other cuts of meat in the same way.
  2. Streeeetch that meat! I realized a while ago that great-tasting “fillers” can drastically reduce the amount of meat I have to use in our favorite recipes. For example, instead of just using ground meat in my burritos, I now use half the amount I did before, and replace the missing beef with some rice and/or beans. And I think they actually taste better! Or, if I use the “normal” amound of beef, adding the rice and beans DOUBLES my recipe and gives me an extra dinner’s worth of burrito filling to freeze for a lazy day! I also used to make salmon or tuna patties that were mostly…well, salmon or tuna. Then I happened upon a super-tasty recipe for Salmon Croquettes that reduced the amount of fish I had to use by adding leftover mashed potatoes and extra Panko bread crumbs! You can do this with LOTS of recipes (remember Grandma stretching out the meatloaf back in the day with bread/bread crumbs/cornflakes back in the day?) Same idea here. Grandma sure was smart!
  3. Become a follower of “Meatless Mondays”. This is a wordwide movement to abstain from meat every Monday for health/environmental reasons and benefits. I was initially attracted to this because it’s also historically a tradition in New Orleans (my favorite city of all time). Red beans and rice is cooked up in pots all over the city every Monday in epic proportions, and it tastes like a dream. I find it fun to get creative cooking without meat once a week, and believe me, it’s a challenge to tickle Mike’s tastebuds if his dinner doesn’t contain SOMETHING that once lived and breathed. Check out the Meatless Mondays site for tasty recipes, eye-opening statistics, and celebrity followers that are sure to get you on board!
  4. Buy cheaper cuts of meat, and cook them low and slow. I know, I know, you’d think the Crock Pot people paid me to endorse their products. They probably should. But I can’t sing enough praises to the slow-cooker. With little time and effort, you can turn the cheapest, toughest cut of meat in the butcher’s case into a melt-in-your-mouth delicacy. You can pay 69 cents a pound instead of $3.99 a pound, and your dinner will actually taste BETTER. Best of all, you can throw it in the pot before you go to work, and come home to an aromatic, fully-cooked meal. It’s like my own personal plug-in chef. Check out my Southwestern Pulled Pork Taco recipe (and use a pork butt roast, the cheapest cut of pork you can buy), and give it a whirl! I’ll be waiting for an email on how delicious it was.
  5. OK FRIENDS, I’M INVITING YOU TO THINK UP TIP NUMBER FIVE!! Just post your best money-saving meat tip as a comment on this post! I’ll pick the one I like the best, and the winner will get their choice of a few prizes!! (an AirWick Ultra Fresh Automatic Air Freshener System, a Lysol No-Touch Hand Soap Dispenser, or…well, I’m tossing around a few other ideas!! (must post by August 19th to be eligible to win)


Post in the comment box/link below to leave your favorite tip! Good luck!


Comments on: "5 Painless Ways to Save Money On Your Meat Costs Each Week" (7)

  1. Jen,
    There are three of us at home now, down from five, and I find myself having extras. So, I invested in a seal-a-meal type machine to keep my extra meat and other things fresh. I shop mainly at Winn-Dixie, and they always have BOGO on meats, but, we don’t need but one package (if that) of meat for a dinner. Everyone should try one of these machines, I only paid around $40 for it and it is a money-saving item for sure!

    • That’s a good idea Wendy, my beef/pork has been a victim of freezer burn more than once! How long do you think the sealer extends the life of frozen meat? I might have to check them out on Amazon! 🙂

    • Ok Wendy Congrats!! You are the winner of my “saving money on meat” post…just email me your a mailing adress/PO box ( and let me know what you’d like to have…The Lysol No-Touch hand soap dispenser, the Airwick Automatic air freshener system, or a Clinique make-up bag filled with some mystery samples/cosmetics/goodies. Congrats, and I really liked your tip…I’d still like some more info on where I can purchase a vacuum sealer for a good price!!

      • And very sorry…I still have the other things sitting in my linen closet for you…my life is beyond crazy…I think I still have your address, but if you could re-send it to me that would be much appreciated, and that way I could send everything to you at once. Thanks Bunches!!!

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  4. These are some really good suggestions, especially the one about portioning the pound of meat into four instead of three packages. Thank you for sharing these!

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