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Open your books class, it’s once again time for:

Shop ‘n Save’s Legendary Two Day Sale!!!

(Thursday and Friday Aug 4th and 5th, while supplies last, no rainchecks please!)
Contact your local Shop ‘n Save to see if they are participating…My flier is for the Monroeville area Haymaker Village store in the Pittsburgh area!!

Hi friends!! Here are the deals/coupon matchups for Shop ‘n Save’s “Legendary Two Day Sale” that is happening in stores in and around the Pittsburgh area Thursday Aug 4th and Friday Aug 5th only!! Some great deals are going on, so don’t miss it!!

I’d also like to take this opportunity to introduce you to FF2’s (Frugal for Two’s)  new Deal Grading System…Sale ads (and even sales with coupons) can often be misleading, tricking the thrifty consumer into thinking something is a great deal when it really isn’t and paying TOO MUCH of their hard-earned money for little more than an overpriced advertisement with a low face-value coupon tacked on for show. No more!! I’m assigning each deal from now on a “grade” to show the true value of the deal/deal+coupon mentioned in my site. (Note…you will probably not see many D’s or F’s in my blog simply because I would not waste your time or my time typing in circular ad deals that aren’t t least SEMI worthwhile!! I’ve been watching the sale cycles for these stores for quite some time now (stealthy ninja that I am!) and can differentiate between a good deal and an AWESOME one!! You might also see some + or – marks on the deals when I felt like being the maddening, indecisive teacher-type. 🙂

  • A=Awesome price, Awesome deal, Ain’t gonna come around for a while again, so stock the %#&! up!!!
  • B=Better than normal price, Buy a bit more than you need for the week, Back in 3 weeks pricing!
  • C=Customary Sale, Cookie-Cutter Deal, Cool it, this price will be back next week or the week after at one of your local stores!!
  • D or F (if I bother to post it)=Don’t bother to buy it!!! ( unless you enjoy nonsensically throwing your money away, then, by all means, buy ten!)
P.S   Don’t take my grading system TOO seriously, you may rate these deals higher or lower depending on your grocery needs/shopping habits/regional pricing/coupon usage!! Just having fun here folks!!

Shop ‘n Save Legendary Two Day Sale

A few coupon matchups…

On Cor Traditional Entrees are 3/$5

  • Print $1 off 3 when you “like” The Quick Dish On Cor page on Facebook
  • Get them 3/$4, or $1.25 each!! B-  (I don’t care for TV dinners or microwave meals. If you like ’em, I know you can get a bit better of a price on them!)

Kellogg’s Bonus Pack Cereal 5/$10 (or $2 each) up to 20.5 oz!!! (big boxes…includes Frosted Flakes, Corn Pops, Apple Jacks and Fruit Loops)

  • Use 3 printable $1/3 coupon at kellogg’s site (you must register first…it’s free)
  • Pay $5 for 3, or only $1.66 each     B+ (yes, the size is a bit bigger, but I just got a TON of cereal for under $1, AND scored 60 cents off my gas per gallon last week!)

Sugardale Bacon 4/$10

  • While it may not help you until later, click here to request a 55 cent off coupon from Sugardale (after it doubles, then you’re lookin’ at a good deal!!) Should come in the mail in 10-14 days. Still a decent price on bacon. B- (now, get the coupon and wait till this deal rolls around again, and I’ll give extra credit and grade it an A+!)

And A Lot of Great Deals Without Coupons!!

Here are a few of the more worthwhile deals…

  • Fresh Certified Ground Chick $1.99/lb (great deal…I haven’t been able to find this under $2.59/lb in MONTHS!! Stock up now!!)   A
  • Boneless Whole Center Cut Pork Loin (cut to order) $1.88/lb  B+
  • Boneless Whole Sirloin Tip Roast $2.49 cut to order (so for a 2.5 lb roast, you’re looking at a bit over $6….it may be a bit better cut of meat than some of the roasts I make, but WHO CARES when you’re cooking it in the Crock?? It all comes out tasting delicious. The difference is negligible!  C+
  • Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts (in frozen 3 lb bag) 4/$20 C
  • United Dairy Golden Ice Cream 5/$10 B+ (they run this deal semi-frequently, but now’s the time to stock up on ice cream!)
  • Shop ‘n Save White Bread 99 cents B- (normally only 20-30 cents more…go to Aldi’s and get bread for 69 cents a loaf!!)
  • United Dairy Tea or Drinks (1 gallon) 4/$5    B
  • Kretschmar Honey or VA Ham, Honeysuckle Turkey Breast or Amish Classic American Cheese $2.98/lb  (maybe an A for the Honeysuckle Turkey Breast!)
  • Margherita Hard Salami, Sandwich Pepperoni or Amish Classics Swiss Cheese $3.98/lb B- (these meats and cheeses are usually a good deal more  expensive)
  • Faygo Cola 12 0z 12 packs 5/$10 (I’ve seen better prices, but not a bad deal) B
  • Gia Russa 2 lb Bags of Pasta 3/$5 (at first this deal didn’t look so happenin’, but then I realized the pasta prices I’m used to are for a 1 lb box, so you are basically paying 83 cents per 1 lb, which is a decent deal! Granted, you can get pasta uber-cheap or even free from time to time, but not that often! Anyone know of any coupons to go with this to make it an A+ deal??) B+

Stay tuned for the rest of the coupon matchups in the regular Shop ‘n Save circular!! And Happy Shopping!!


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