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OK, I’m heading off to work here shortly (going to work on the rest of the Shop ‘n Save matchups afterwards) but I just had to share because these coupons GO FAST!!

Starting 8/4 Pork Spare Ribs will be on sale at Shop ‘n Save for only $1/99/lb

Meat coupons are ultra-rare, and this one probably won’t be around for long, so snatch it up now! And, you can print out two of these puppies by hitting the back button (and refresh button, depending on your computer).

Happy Grillin’!!


Comments on: "Shop ‘n Save Coupon Matchup Preview 8/4-8/10…Pork Ribs for $1.99/lb+$2.00 off any Pork Ribs Coupon!!" (7)

  1. Thanks Jen, just printed off two of them, looks like pork for dinner this week!

  2. Love it! Printed 2 myself =]

  3. I printed two of these, got to the checkout counter with the ribs to find out my shop n’ save doesn’t take internet coupons 😦

    • What??? Like I’ve said in previous posts, all Shop ‘n Save stores are independently owned and managed, so their coupon policies will differ, but that’s just CRAZY. Companies are moving more towards internet coupons than the traditional newspaper inserts, because it’s a cheaper and more more efficient way of delivering coupons…internet coupons ARE the future of coupons!! (sad to say, based on what I’ve read, that there will come a day when newspaper coupon inserts will be obsolete. Mallory, which Shop ‘n Save did you go to,just out of curiosity? I’ve never heard of one not accepting internet coupons (though mine does have a limit). If I were you, I’d write the owners a strongly-worded letter advising them to “get in touch” with the 21st century…if you don’t want to do it, I will!! That is just absurd! Legitimate web coupon sites take great pains to make it obvious that the coupon is legit and valid (apparently there were some counterfeits in the 90’s), hence the barcodes and website validations, not to mention the sentence that prints out on most of my internet coupons that gives a website address the retailer can go to and validate the coupon. Uggh..I hate archaic coupon policies…come to my Shop ‘n Save!! 🙂

      • I normally shop/coupon at giant eagle, so I haven’t read up on any of the coupon policies at shop n save, but the ribs looked like such a good deal, I figured I would give it a whirl. I went to the Rostraver Shop n’ Save, it’s probably 35-40 minutes south of pittsburgh. The cashier was a young guy, probably a teenager, I didn’t want to give him a hard time. He asked if they were internet coupons, and I told him they were. Then he tried to scan them, but the register wouldn’t scan them. And he said I can’t take these. I asked if they normally take internet coupons, and he said no. Then told me I could talk to a manager if I wanted. I just asked him to put one of the ribs back (I had 2) and called it a day. They did double my peanut M&M coupon, and they were on an unmarked sale, so I got two single serve packs free, not all was lost 🙂 I probably will just stick to giant eagle, as the shop n save is probably a 15 minute drive to start with, and I can’t imagine driving much further to find a different one.

      • I just hate hearing that a store doesn’t take internet coupons, Mallory. I get all riled up inside about it. 🙂 I get most of my coupon deals at Giant Eagle too, but sometimes Shop ‘n Save has much better deals on meat (like with the two-day sales). My Shop ‘n Save only accepts a certain number of internet coupons, and does not double them like Giant Eagle. I did read somewhere that Shop ‘n Save is in the process of trying to be more competitive in it’s coupon policy, so maybe yours will get with the times and start accepting internet coupons! 🙂 And maybe mine will start doubling them…that would make me one happy girl, since my Shop ‘n Save is within walking distance of my house. Hope you get some great deals at Giant Eagle this week, I’ll be posting more of their coupon matchups after work tonight!

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