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Coupon Tip of The Day: How to Print Several of the Same Internet Coupons!!

Q: I want to REALLY stock up on a great sale at my local grocery store, and need more than the 1 or 2 coupons the coupon site will allow me to print out. Help!!!


Sure, it’s nice to be able to go online and print out coupons. But often coupon printing sites impose a strict 1 to 2 print limit per coupon. What’s someone who’s looking to stock up on a great deal at the grocery store or build a modest stockpile to do?? It always seems the Coupon Gods are one step ahead of us!! Sometimes hitting your back button and refreshing the page will get you two coupons instead of one. But I want MOOORE!!! 🙂 I’ve always been an extremist!!

Copy-Cat Coupon Printing Websites

(say that three times fast!!)

Here’s a tip for you: Often, the SAME coupon will appear on several legit coupon printing sites at the same time, allowing you to visit each of the sites and print out the allowed limit of coupons on each, resulting in enough of an identical coupon to modestly “stock up” during a great sale…without having to resort to paying for coupons on eBay or pilfering your neighbor’s extra inserts out of the mail…that’s a felony, you know!!

For example, today I wanted to take advantage of Giant Eagle’s awesome Cereal/Pump Perks promotion for the second time, but I was all out of clipped coupons from my stock of coupon inserts. Thankfully, I did a little detective work and found this coupon online, which would allow me to take full advantage of the sale due to its high face value:

75 cents off 1 Cocoa Puffs Cereal Coupon (which would double to $1.50)


But, Blast and Damn! the coupon site would only let me print one measly copy of the coupon! And I needed at least THREE to take advantage of the sale!!

With a little more detective work, I discovered TWO more legit coupon sites that would allow me to print the coupon again. As before, this coupon had a one-print only policy, but visiting the three different sites (which, incidentally had MOSTLY the same coupons, allowed me to get the three coupons I needed!!

Here’s the copy-cat sites I printed my coupons from; I hope this little nugget of couponing wisdom helps you in your stockpiling/bargain-hunting efforts!!

Manufacturer’s Websites

Many times, the actual manufacturer’s website has several coupons for their products available to print as well (most of the time you will have to register and provide a valid email address/mailing address, which can be good or bad depending on how you look at it…yes, you may receive promotional emails from the site, but most of these sites WILL send you special offers/coupons in the mail!) Examples:

Many of these sites offer recipes, contests, giveaways and product information, and are very helpful to the home cook!!

Facebook Coupons

If you’re STILL looking for more coupons for a product, and you have a Facebook page (If you don’t have one, get one NOW, you’re waaaay out of the mix and missing out on a lot of great coupons), try doing a search for the product name/brand and “Liking” the product/brand’s Facebook page. Often, this will uncover a hidden coupon or offer, and it’s often one of high value. This goes for retail and department stores as well.

For example, much to my dismay (I’m still beating my head off a wall), I just missed out on a $10 off $10 coupon for Pier 1 Imports, my favorite home decor store. Yeah, you read that right. Ten bucks worth of  free stuff. Grab coupons off of Facebook quickly, there are often a limited number available, and believe me, they are there one minute and gone the next!! “Liking” the pages of your favorite brands will clue you in to special offers via your news feed or wall, so you’ll be less likely to miss out. Like I did. 😦

Extra Computers and “With a Little Help from My Friends…”

If you have multiple computers with printers in the house, you can obviously print out the maximum limit of coupons per computer, which really helps as well.

Or here’s a tip:  I “sweeten up” visiting friends with homemade pot roast and mashed potatoes, or fresh-baked brownies. Then I casually ask them to print needed coupons on their computers once they get home. Sometimes a polite reminder text via cell phone or Facebook is needed. If you’re REALLY close to your friend (or it’s a family member) feel free to hound them mercilessly until they deliver the goods. A voice-mail message with the theme from “The Godfather” playing quietly in the background can be quite effective.  You may start noticing that friends and family members (the non-couponing ones at least) will start bringing you stacks of their coupon inserts from the paper, too.

Because they are now afraid of you. 🙂

Hit 'em with the ol' one-two: Brownies and Pot Roast!!

Any tips I missed, or any great internet sources you know of for coupon deals? Add a comment below and clue us all in!!

Couponing question you need answered?? E-mail me at!!


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