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Hugs and Kisses, Rite Aid!!

I love Rite Aid.

Not only is it possible to leave that blessed store with three bags of expensive makeup, hair color, and skin care and pay only sales tax, but if you shop the sales correctly, it’s possible to actually make a few bucks by using their Rebate Program.

Click Here toView and Print Rite Aid’s Coupon Policy

Here’s what you need to know before you step foot in the door at Rite Aid: (if you are already a Rite Aid whiz, feel free to skip to the coupon matchups!!)

  • Rite Aid, accepts manufacturer’s coupons, but does not double them. These coupons can be “stacked” (used on the same product at the same time) with Rite Aid store coupons (you’ll find a few in your weekly Rite Aid ad, and sometimes on flyers in the store). If that weren’t great enough, Rite Aid also offers Video Value Coupons online that can be printed and “stacked” with both the other types of coupons.
  • Sign up for the “Wellness +” program, it will allow you to take advantage of Video Value coupons and many other members-only benefits. (especially for those of us who have prescription drugs that need filled at the pharmacy). It’s very simple to sign up in the store, you’ll immediately get a wallet-sized card and one for your key-chain. Don’t forget to have the cashier scan your card first thing when you’re checking out!
  • Rite Aid offers +Up rewards on many items in the store, and they are usually easy to find in the circular. What is a +Up? When you buy a certain product (buy one Gillette body wash, receive +$2) or a certain combination of products ( $40 +Up reward when you buy $100 worth of Nivea products this month), after you check out the +Up amounts will print on the end of your receipt. You can use them for anything in the store (except tobacco products and a few other exclusions) just like cash. This is where some of the best deals come into play. I will do half of my shopping, get my rewards, turn right back around and do the other half, using my +Up to pay for the other half. Embarrassing? Nah, I’ve talked to all the cashiers (who are VERY nice at my store) and they see people do it all day long. If you’re still wary, go have a yummy cocktail at the bar in the shopping plaza, then come back and finish up! 🙂
  • Also check your receipt for $3/$15 survey coupons! VERY HELPFUL, and they print out on your receipts most of the time! Just go to the survey page specified on the receipt, fill out an ultra quick survey, and print out your coupon. Note: the $15 dollars is the total of your check BEFORE you use any coupons, which is great! But be sure to use the $3/$15 coupon first thing after the cashier swipes your wellness card. Because if you follow my matchups, your coupons might bring the check total down to $3, and then you’d miss out on using your survey coupon and getting everything for free!!
  • Rite Aid has a very SIMPLE single check rebate program, which will allow you to get your money back on a couple items every week. If you have coupons for those items, here is where you’ll be making money. Simply take your receipt, and enter a bit of relevant info online at Rite Aid’s Single Check Rebate page, and the good peeps at Rite Aid will keep track of all your rebates for the month and mail you a check at the end of each month you can take to the bank!!
  • For items that are out of stock when you go to find them, don’t hesitate to ask for a rain check. They will give you a slip of paper that will allow you to come back and purchase the item for the sale price (and any +Ups you would have gotten) after the item has been restocked. They are usually good for 2 weeks.
  • BOGO 50% promotions are awesome!! Buy the first item at regular price, get the second one at half price, and you can use a coupon on BOTH items!! Rite Aid used to have BOGO FREE promos, and they still do offer them, but you can no longer use 2 coupons (one fore each item 😦 ).
  • Know that Rite Aid has recently imposed a limit of buying 4 like items in one transaction!! So if you’re stocking up on Herbal Essence Shampoo, you can only get four. You can get four conditioner and four hairsprays too, only four of the same item, not the brand. This is because of “Too-Extreme” couponers who cleared entire shelves of awesome deals, leaving none for the rest of us. Don’t be a shelf-clearer!!!

WHEW!! If you have any questions, just use the comment box at the end of this post and I’ll try to help out in any way I can.

Rite Aid Coupon Matchups 7/24-7/30

L’Oreal Cosmetics, Buy one, get one 50% off

  • Buy 2 L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara (or whatever kind you like best, but the price may change accordingly) for a total of $10.95.
  • Use two (one for each mascara) $2 off 1 L’Oreal eye product from the 7/24 RedPlum coupon insert
  • Also use the $2 off 1 L’Oreal eyeliner/mascara available in Rite Aid’s Video Values for August.
  • If you have the July Video Values printed out, there is ANOTHER $2 off 1 L’Oreal mascara/eyeliner. Use it too!!
  • Pay $1.47 for each mascara (when you buy two)
  • Save around 70%!!

Physician’s Formula Bronzers (I love these, but sooo expensive!) are 40% off

  • Regular price is around $14, so the sale price should be around $8.40.
  • I’ve seen $4 peelie coupons right on the packaging of the bronzer, so use that and bring your total down dramatically!!
  • Pay $4.40 for your expensive drugstore bronzer!
  • Save around 70%

Clean and Clear Deep Action Exfoliating Scrub on sale for $4.99 (I’m using this product as an example because it’s less expensive, but this deal would work with any product, the coupons are non-specific)

  • Use the $2 off any clean and clear product coupon you can print at the Clean and Clear website
  • ALSO use the Rite Aid in-ad coupon (just cut it right out of the circular) for $2 off any Clean and Clear product.
  • Pay only 99 cents!!
  • Save around 80%

Aussie/Herbal Essence Hair Products on sale 2 for $5

  • Buy any 2 shampoo or conditioners, and 2 styling products (or 4 styling products) for $10
  • Use two $1 off 1 Aussie/Herbal Essence product coupon from the RedPlum 6/12 coupon insert
  • Use two $3 off 1 Aussie/Herbal Essence Styling product when you buy one Aussie/Herbal Essence product from the P&G 7/3 coupon insert
  • Get 4 products for $2, or only 50 cents apiece!!
  • Combined with the sale price, that’s around almost a 90% savings!

Mead Composition Books (great for back-to-school) on sale for 66 cents

  • If you buy 3, you’ll also get a $1 +Up reward back on your receipt
  • Buy 3 and pay $1.98, actually paying only $1.00 after you get your +Up
  • Each one is only 33 cents!!

Reach Toothbrushes on sale for $2.99

  • Use 1 $1 off 1 Reach toothbrush from SmartSource 4/17 coupon insert
  • Use 1 $1 of 1 Reach toothbrush from the Rite Aid Video Values
  • Receive $1 +Up
  • FREE after +Up reward!

Dial Lotion or Body Wash, or Tone Body Wash, on sale for $3.99, you will also receive $1 +Up reward

  • Buy one Dial Lotion for $3.99
  • Use $1 off 1 Dial lotion printable coupon on Facebook
  • $1.99 after using +Up reward

Clairol Nice n Easy Root Touch Up (works great between hair coloring…will save you $$ right there!!) on sale for $4.99

  • Use $5/2 Clairol Hair Colors from SmartSource 7/17 insert
  • Buy two and pay only $4.99, or $2.50 per hair color

Meow Mix 56 0z Cat Food on sale for $3.99

  • Use 1 $1 off coupon from 6/19 RedPlum insert
  • Pay only $2.99!!

Soaftsoap Liquid Handsoap on sale for 99 cents

  • Use 1 35 cents off coupon from 7/24 SmartSource insert
  • Pay only 64 cents!!

All Sunglasses BOGO 50%, plus get $2 +Up for each ($4 +Up)

  • This deal will only work if you have already watched/printed the sunglasses video values coupons from June/July…they have reset the coupons to August so they are no longer available 😦
  • Buy 1 Foster Grant kid’s sunglasses and 1 Stylescience kid’s sunglasses, around $11.99
  • Use 1 video values $5 off 1 Foster Grant, and 1 video values $5 off Stylescience
  • Pay $1.99, plus get $4 +Up reward back
  • This is a $2.01 MONEYMAKER

There are also some great BOGO deals on Back-To-School Supplies!!! Check them out while you’re at Rite Aid!

My Rite Aid Plan This Week

(Note: if this is your first Rite Aid trip, don’t expect to pay $2 for $80 worth of stuff like I sometimes can. You have to invest that initial ten to fifteen bucks to get going on the +Up Rewards and the $3/$15 coupons. Also be sure to watch and print the Video Values right away, as they often become no longer available. You’ll still get some great deals though!)

Transaction #1

  • Buy 3 Mead Composition books, 2 Reach Toothbrushes, 1 Dial Body Wash (total price $11.95)
  • Use $3/$15 store survey coupon (price  now $8.95)
  • Use coupons listed above for each product (price now $4.95)
  • Use $5 worth of my +Up rewards from last week
  • Pay ONLY SALES TAX, and get $4 more in +Up rewards.

Transaction #2

  • Buy 4 Aussie or Herbal Essence products, 2 Clean and Clear scrubs, and 2 L’Oreal mascaras, and 2 Softsoap handsoaps (total price $32.91)
  • Use another $3 off $15 Store Survey coupon (price now $29.91)
  • Use coupons listed for products above (price now only $7.91)
  • Use your $4 +Up you just got from the first transaction
  • Pay only $3.91 (plus any sales tax) for about $50 worth of goodies (would be more without sale prices)
  • Savings?? Over 90%!!!

If you followed this deal and didn’t have any +Up from last week you would pay $8.91 plus tax for everything, which is still AWESOME considering you’re getting tons of stuff…that’s about an 82% savings!! If you didn’t have any survey coupons, you’d pay a bit more, but it would still be a 75% savings on sale prices)There are endless variations of products in different transactions. I wanted to show you one that was easy for beginners, one where the coupons were easily available and you would see a nice first-time turnout. Ideally, you want your last transaction to include some products that give you +Up rewards back, so you have some left over (plus another survey coupon) to use on next weeks sales!! Play around a little and work out your own scenario based on what you want/need at the store and what coupons you have, or follow my scenario exactly!!

Hope I helped you out this week. Please feel free to add any good deals you’ve spotted or to voice questions/concerns (or just say hi!) in the comment area below. Happy Shopping!!


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