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Hot Deals This Week!!

Here is the pick of the litter, the cream of the crop, the most worthwhile deals to be had out there for the week of 7/21/11 at your local Shop ‘n Save (Pittsburgh area only guys, no worries, I’ll be doing national chains tomorrow) 🙂 an abridged version. I’m only sharing the best of the best here, friends…because when I visit coupon matchup sites, I HATE having to scroll through a War and Peace length list of sale/coupon matchups and realize at the end of it all I’ve found only about three worthwhile bargains. Most of the deals listed here are well under 99 cents, and usually cost much, much more. I’ll also be adding some meal/recipe suggestions based on the deals in a day or two!!

I hope you’ve been saving and collecting your coupon inserts my friends, so you can stockpile a few of these great deals!!!

Shop ‘n Save (Pittsburgh, PA area) Sales+Coupon Deals

*Shop ‘n Save is Having Some Awesome 10/$10 deals!!*

FYI about Shop ‘n Save…all stores are independently owned and operated, meaning there are no collective, all-encompassing coupon policies or “rules”  that every store must operate under…the best thing to do is to go to the customer service desk and inquire about the specific policies of your local branch…I CAN tell you that all stores DO double coupons (up to 99 cents), and most accept internet coupons and offer rainchecks on out-of-stock items…however, some Shop ‘n Save locations impose limits on the number of internet coupons a customer can use in a transaction, and some stores may double internet coupons while most stores DO NOT. Some stores in the Pittsburgh area also accept competitor’s (other grocery stores, not drug or other types of stores) coupons, which is really cool!! When I went to the customer service desk and asked about the coupon policy at my local branch, they were MORE than happy to cheerfully ramble on for five minutes about the ins and outs…make sure you ask if you can get a copy of a written policy if your store offers it!! Mine did not!

(note: you do not need to buy ten items to get the sale price. This promotion generally means all of the mentioned items are on sale for $1 apiece, regardless of the quantity you purchase!)

  • Hamburger/Chicken/Tuna Helper (selected varieties) on sale for $1! ( Use the 75 cents off of three coupon from Smart Source insert 6/12 or 7/17, which will double at Shop ‘n Save to $1.50 off three. If you buy 3, they will only cost 50 cents apiece, a great stockpile price, as these usually go for $2 per box. A 75 % savings!

  • Wacky Mac Pasta is on sale for $1 per bag. Use the coupon from the 5/08 Smart Source insert ($1 off 2 bags), and get your pasta fix on for only 50 cents a bag!

  • Dirty dishes?? Palmolive is also on sale for $1,  and if you use the Smart Source (7/24/11)  35 cents off coupon (which doubles to 70 cents), you are looking at ULTRA CHEAP dish detergent, a 7.5 oz bottle for only 30 cents!!

  • A single roll of ultra-durable Bounty paper towels is also on sale for $1 this week. Use your 25 cents off coupon from the 6/05 P&G Brand-saver insert (which will double to 50 cents), and you’re looking at some heavy-duty paper towels for 50 cents a roll, much more inexpensive than the less effective generic brands.

  • Skintimate Shave gel for women is on special this week for $2. Use the 55 cents off coupon from the 7/24 Smart Source insert (which, as you should know by now, doubles to $1.10) and get some premium shaving cream for only 90 cents!

  • Click here for a 50 cents off French’s Worcestershire coupon you can use to make the sale price of only$1 for this product go down to at least 50 cents, maybe even free depending on the internet coupon policies of your local, independently owned Shop ‘n Save.

  • Who doesn’t need to stock up on aspirin for cramps/headaches/backaches/etc?? Check out this sweet deal: Bayer aspirin (20-24 count) is on sale for only $2.99…use the $2 off coupon from the 6/12 Smart Source insert to bring the price down to 99 cents, and send in the rebate form on the same page as the coupon to be reimbursed for the store price of the Bayer, meaning you can make a little money off of buying Bayer this week. Limit one rebate per household, though. Still, isn’t life grand? 🙂

  • Betty Crocker Potato side dishes are on sale for $1. Print this 50 cents off two coupon to get them for 50 to 75 cents apiece, depending on your store’s coupon policy.

The Best Non-Coupon Deals on Meat and Produce:

  • Gold Kist Fresh Chicken Leg Quarters are only 59 CENTS A POUND!!! There is so much you can do with this type of chicken, I admit, I was a boneless, skinless chicken breast addict, but if you cook these in the Crock Pot they can either be the main dish with a little seasoning/bbq sauce, or you can shred the meat off the bones for chicken quesadillas/burritos/enchiladas/white chicken chili/chicken n dumplings/chicken noodle soup/chicken hamburger helper/etc. THEN you can use the bones and carcass to make some restaurant-quality chicken stock for your next soup or recipe that calls for it instead of paying over a buck for a little can of crappy chicken broth. Don’t be afraid of a little bones and skin!! Trust me, this will turn out SO much more moist and  tasty than plain old chicken breasts if you cook it in the handy old Crock!

  • Green Peppers are on sale for only 99 cents a pound!! I use onions and green peppers in just about all my recipes, so when I find a decent price, I like to stock up a bit, chop the suckers up, leave some in the fridge for my cooking for the week, and vacuum seal and freeze the rest. Green peppers are so versatile… I use them in tacos, sloppy joes, burritos, chili, stuffed pepper soup, etc. etc. This is a decent price for them, not a HOT DAMN!! price, but good enough if you aren’t fortunate enough to be able to garden and harvest your own vegetables (don’t worry, I can’t either and it makes me sad 😦 )

  • Red, green and Romaine leaf lettuce is also on sale for 99 cents a pound…use it with some of that super-cheap Kraft salad dressing I clued you in on last week for a great start to any meal!!

  • Eckrich Bologna is on sale for $2.49 per lb…best price this week for Mike’s lunchmeat, although he still has some turkey breast and hard salami to use up, so I may have to freeze it!

Sweet Tooth Alert!!!

  • OK…it may not be the GREATEST deal on earth, but Chips Ahoy! are on sale for $2 this week. Use the Smart Source 6/19 insert coupon for $1 off two Nabisco cookies, and you can have all the chocolate chip cookies you want for $1.50 per box (when you buy two). Best chocolate fix I could find at Shop ‘n Save this week, so I had to include it in case any of my dear (female) readers were expecting their…ahem…(monthly) visitor any time soon!!!

Soooo…if you are using about $25 dollars worth of collected pocket change from the week, what could you purchase utilizing these sales??(cook some of it this week in conjunction with what you already have in your pantry, and add some to your stockpile). Just a suggestion:

  • 2 Betty Crocker Potato Sides

  • 2 bottles French’s Worcestershire sauce

  • 4 rolls of Bounty paper towels

  • 5 Palmolive dish soaps

  • 6 bags of Wacky Mac Pasta

  • 6 boxes of various Hamburger/Tuna/Chicken Helper

  • 8 lbs of chicken leg quarters

  • 2 lbs of green peppers

  • 1 lbs of romaine lettuce

  • 2 boxes of Chips Ahoy! cookies

  • 1 lb Eckrich Bologna

  • 2 Skintimate Shave gels

  • 1 box of Bayer aspirin, which you will actually get your money back and then some after the rebate, but I’m just counting the out-of-pocket expense right now

GRAND TOTAL: $24.97 plus tax (spend more or less according to your stockpile/grocery needs…and don’t forget I’ll be adding Giant Eagle, Rite Aid and Target deals for the week tomorrow!!! But so you see how much you can get for around $20?? It’s a different method of shopping, but when you combine your deals and freebies from week to week you’ll be creating some awesome meals and STILL saving tons of extras for your growing stockpile. It’ll all start to make sense after a few weeks!! After only about a month or two of stockpiling I can look at this seemingly random list of groceries and come up with TONS of meals based on these ingredients combined with what I already have on hand from previous weeks!!

What would YOU buy from this list to equal around $20??


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