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Loving Retro Household Hints...

As I’ve said before, I enjoy mixing my own spice blends to make it easier to prepare favorite dishes I whip up often. I recently found an old(er) book from the 90’s at the thrift shop (for 50 cents!)…“All-New Hints from Heloise” (anyone remember that column?) Anyway, she had a few interesting, practical, and frugal things to say on the subject of herbs and spices, so I thought I’d share in a quick post:

  • “If you grow your own herbs for drying or you like to make your own spice mixtures, you can use clean, dry baby food jars to store them.”

  • “You can keep track of the age of spices by marking the date of purchase on a strip of masking tape and sticking it to the bottom of the container.”

  • “If you’re short on cupboard space, nail or glue the jar lids to the underside of a shelf so that you can just unscrew the jars from their lids when you use spices.”

Well said, Heloise!! (I especially like the last one, I’m going to try it out tomorrow). Frugal for Two seal of approval!

Anyone know where I can get a copy of any of Heloise’s Hints from the 60’s?? They’d go great with my retro red kitchen counter tops, my 1955 oven (it doesn’t hold a consistent temperature, but it sure is a great conversation piece!), and my vintage apron collection. 🙂

And would anyone like a few quick Hints from Heloise to be featured as a regular post?


Comments on: "Household “Hints From Heloise”, Revisited: Spices" (2)

  1. Yes, I would like some Hints from Heloise!

    • Hahaha…I’m lovin’ the retro “Hints from Heloise” right now…she has some timeless tips…might make it a quick daily post…debating what subject area to quote Heloise on tomorrow…

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