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Crock Pot 4-Quart Oval, in super-sleek black!!

As you probably know by now, I loooove me some Crock Pot dinners! Above is my favorite style (I have three). This medium sized guy is awesome for two people because it holds about a 4 pound maximum weight pot roast or pork roast or chicken, which is perfect for feeding us and a couple friends a nice meal…or just feeding us alone for the evening, and supplying us with ample leftovers for the next day or so. I also have a super-big-daddy Crock for JUMBO meals or big party foods, and I have an itty-bitty baby Crock for party dips. I’ve got the whole freakin’ family! The model above is the Crock Pot brand, is priced just right at under $25 on, and has gotten rave reviews. (just click on the crock if you don’t believe me that it’s the bomb…c’mon, I dare ya!)

ANYWAY…this pot roast recipe couldn’t be easier. It’s basically just three ingredients, but you can feel free to add quartered potatoes and carrots into the Crock with it if that’s how you like it. Personally, I looove to make my homemade mashed potatoes on the side, because this recipe makes it’s own super-yummy gravy that is divine on mashed potatoes. My simple version goes like this:

Devilish and Delightful Pot Roast

  1. I give a 2.5 to 3.5 lb pot roast a nice olive-oil and garlic sauce massage on both sides, and if possible, let it chill in the fridge for a few hours. If you’re pressed for time, no big deal. It will still be scrumptious.

  2. In a large skillet on high heat, I sear the roast on all sides, about a minute or two on each side, to get a tasty, blackened crust and seal in the juices.

  3. While the roast is on the heat, simply mix together a packet of dry french onion soup mix, one or two cans of cream of mushroom sauce, depending on how much xtra gravy you want, and a few TBS of either Worcestershire or Steak Sauce (like A1), whatever tickles your taste buds. Mix it up a bit so it’s not too lumpy.

  4. Add the seared roast and cook on low heat for 8 to 9 hours.

  5. Stick a fork in there to serve that bad boy and it’s gonna be so tender it will fall apart, so you may as well just stick two forks in the Crock and give it a nice, healthy shred.

And that’s all folks…

Seriously, you will have the most tender, flavorful, picky-husband and kid proof roast of your life…and it took you less time to put together than a quick makeup job. Bravo!

Now, the trick to eating this meal for under five bucks is to wait until the roasts go on sale for BOGO at your grocery store…and they always do. When they do, I usually stock up on several. That way, if you’re buying a roast that costs $6, and getting the second one free, the cost of the roast is only $3. Soooo…..

  • Roast $3

  • French onion soup dry mix (generic) 50 cents

  • cream of mushroom soup (generic from Aldi’s) 40 cents

  • Few TBS of Worcestershire (ummm…maybe 5 cents?)

  • Some potatoes from when the 10 lb bag was on sale for $2.50…50 cents

  • Butter, milk, a splash of olive oil and a little garlic salt 50 cents 

Right around $4.95 for a hearty, home-cooked, stick-to-your-ribs dinner!! It’s possible the potatoes we used were definitely less than 50 cents, so use the leftover money to add a can or frozen bag of corn or peas, or some free garden veggies and some homemade garlic toast or a nice loaf of bread.


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