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Who doesn't love a new pair of jeans?? Especially when they cost next to nothing!

I found this deal today at my local Target. Now, Masters of Frugality can wax poetic all they want about the bag of used jeans they picked up at the local thrift store for 99 cents…and don’t get me wrong, I love cruisin’ the thrift store for deals.

But nothing beats a NEW pair of jeans.

Aaaah, the ritualistic ripping-off of the tags, meaning they are now truly mine, all mine. The feel of the brand new denim as you run your hand over it. The creases in the legs because it has been folded just so by diligent (and bored) store employees.

Except they can be super expensive. Believe me, I used to sell couture on Ebay, and I can’t tell how many legions of  bloodthirsty bidders were vying for my clothes, and that would pay upwards of $100 bucks for a hot slice of the en vogue denim pie. And, if  it’s going to last you for ten years, a quality denim investment is something I don’t look down my nose at, considering basic denim styles will never go out of style.

But, we all need those everyday pair of jeans. For work, for play, for a Saturday afternoon of bargain hunting.  Not many of us can afford to pay upwards of a Benjamin for each pair of jeans we own, considering most people like to have several pairs in their wardrobe.

Anyway, check out your local target this week for a nicer price on denim. My Target had piles and piles of Mossimo and Co. jeans ranging in sizes 1 to 17, in washes light to black, in lengths short to tall, and in styles skinny to boot cut. And they were all marked down to only $5.50. (I believe they were originally $25) Oh, happy day…my fiancee was not understanding my need to do an impromptu (poorly executed) Irish jig in the middle of the women’s clothing section in Target. He’s already used to the fact that he’s going to be getting FREE body wash, deodorant, toothpaste, and much more for the rest of his life. But I still get EXCITED about it.

But wait. There’s more. While that alone would be an awesome discount (over 75%), if you check out and go to their printable coupon page, you will find a coupon for $3 off any denim purchase!! No kidding!! And, there are no print restrictions on this, meaning you can print as many coupons as you want. (Target coupon policy does state that you can only use 1 like coupon per transaction, meaning if you wanted five pairs of these jeans, you would have to get back in line five times…but my checker wasn’t much of a stickler for that rule)

Anyway, that means I scored a BRAND NEW pair of jeans for only $2.50!! No thrift store hand-me-downs, no overpriced Asian “bargain” fashion brand that falls apart in a month, no shelling out $200 bucks on eBay for a pair of Rock n Republic jeans, or whatever is cool on there nowadays, it’s been awhile since I sold anything on eBayand my fashion knowledge of the “it” brands is dwindling.

I’m planning to print out a few more coupons and go back to Target…that way next time I’m in desperate need of a new pair of basic jeans I can just pull em out of the closet instead of panicking and paying a waaaay too expensive price. It will be the beginning of my jean stockpile.

So don’t snatch up all the size 15 jeans from Target  if you happen to read this post and live in the Pittsburgh area. I will find you. 🙂 And hunt you down like the dog you are…just kidding!!! Shop away!! Wouldn’t post it on here if I didn’t want to pass on the bargain-hunting love to you!

FYI…for all the mom’s out there…I didn’t check out the deals in the kid’s section, but I know (from shopping for my niece) that Target always has clearance racks of kid’s clothes and jeans. There is also a $2 off kid’s denim purchase on as well!! Clothe your kiddos inexpensively and get yourself a well-deserved manicure!!

Oh, and if anyone IS interested in any designer jeans for upwards of $100, I believe I still have some pairs in the back of my storage closet, BNWT, Levi’s Capital E Skinny Skimmer…

Happy Bargain Hunting!


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